This is about family, and being family, and recognizing that all humans, all across the world are in fact family under our father in heaven, and we as such, should act that way.  

The potential of our world is to provide real prosperity for all humanity, and it is our purpose to accomplish this, and use the long term gains to lead the expansion of our species beyond this world.
     As an army of God in service to God's children,  we build houses of God, to house, feed, care for, and otherwise train, rehabilitate and maximize the long term human potential of those children.

We have starting operations listed by city, state and country :

------- OPERATION  :   Santa Monica, CA, USA


------- OPERATION  :   Los Angeles, USA
 Your city could be listed here, if your local people will work with us to develop large scale poverty ending projects as  recruits  with the nerve to start your own OPERATIONS. (church building)