OPERATION EARTH is the main operational  purpose and goal of the Empirical Church  and it's membership body which is here referred to as the Empirical Order of God's Children, or simply as the Brotherhood, which is dedicated  to work like an army towards the serious goals of ending hunger, homelessness and poverty first across the United States of America, and then to expand globally to all nations on earth providing the service of gods love and Jesus's teachings of showing love in the lives of the suffering, and bring prosperity and gains to places where there has only been pain and hunger.

   The accomplishment of these goals of ending hunger and homelessness is the priority, however under the operational plans of the Empirical church and Empirical Order it is also the goal to solve for the major problems of our species and  to then also, make use of the work potential of the vast organization which is to be built referred to as the Empirical Order to ensure the long term growth and prosperity and survival of our species by following a mandate of expansion, not only into other nations, but into the far corners of the earth, under the cceans, and eventually into space itself starting with a lunar base, expanding to a Mars base of operation, leading to Asteroid field mining and the building of truely huge interstellar colony ships to send our species literally across the heavens on a never ending one way trip,  ever forward to colonize each and every star we come across whether they have planets or not.  In the case of having no viable planet, we can still build many new vast solar orbital colony ships to be filled with our future children made from raw materials found in these new star systems.   Therefore, no star system we come across can ever be considered a waste of time.

   All of these stars and colonies, would be as ventures, complete loses for any business or nation on earth which chooses to send such a ship as there is no possibility of a return on the investment, which is why it is our belief, that in the long term, it can only be a dedicated non-profit organization which can hope to raise the capital and build the foundations and means to build and launch such interstellar ships.

   Since the launching of these colony ships is essential to the destiny and survival of our species, the Empirical Church considers it a fundamental function of it''s existance to seek these long term goals as a means to further serve it's core purpose which is to serve God,  by serving God's children to the best of our ability.   








                                                The Constitution of the EMPIRICAL ORDER OF GOD'S CHILDREN



Section 1: The name of this organization shall be the EMPIRICAL ORDER OF GOD'S CHILDREN and shall be forever a separate distinct organization however always associated as the main body of the EMPIRICAL CHURCH OF HUMANITY, and if the MAIN CHURCH designated as 'OF HUMANITY' as an EMPIRICAL CHURCH organization shall fail, another shall be established to take it's place with it's same name of EMPIRICAL CHURCH OF HUMANITY and it's original purpose, function, bylaws, and spiritual leaders even if major asset reorganization is required. In this way any church may fail, but the EMPIRICAL ORDER can always rebuild any location such as EMPIRICAL CHURCH OF (CITY NAME), and even rebuild the core "OF HUMANITY"
    It is the building, sharing and caring that counts and the EMPIRICAL ORDER OF GOD'S CHILDREN, is literally the body of the Church.







Section 1: The purposes of this organization shall be the same as those of the EMPIRICAL CHURCH OF HUMANITY, namely, to build houses of God, we call EMPIRICAL Churches or Mosques, or Temples or synagogue, which include expansive social services for the promotion of interest in God the creator in any and all ways including the study of all the scriptures and sciences; and to promote fellowship among those interested therein, with the additional purpose of organizing EMPIRICAL ORDER members in all local CHURCH geographical areas, to better promote the objectives of ending homelessness and hunger for all God's children, by building massive communal housing systems outside the major cities for all the extra people who are not well suited to running branch church locations.
  The use of the available church meeting space to local practitioners of various faiths and religious group leaders shall be provided free of charge, however all funds raised at such events shall be the sole property of the Church in question, and a limit of 25% being potentially allotted to the speakers who collectively draw in their flocks to use the space, scheduled at different hours of their relevant day as designated by the 27 principles of Empiricalism.







III.     Executive Command Committee

Section 1:  The EMPIRICAL ORDER OF GOD'S CHILDREN shall be organized as an army of good and GOD, and shall be governed by an Executive Command Committee (Within each nation) made up of the following 12 officers, all must be members of the EMPIRICAL ORDER and promoted from within by militant ranking leadership and shall serve limited terms until promoted or demoted as provided in this constitution. 

(a) A Commander General, appointed to represent the Avatar General in his absence. The commander General of each nation also sits on the Board of Director Generals of the EMPIRICAL CHURCH OF HUMANITY,  AND IS THE FORCE WHICH BINDS THEM ALWAYS. The Commander General has the power to demote and promote (within their nation) any member at any time for any reason, and holds this power exclusively and cannot delegate it to any other officer.   The Commander General is generally elected for life but is expected to step down as age manifests itself on his or her job performance, and a new Commander General for that nation elected from the pool of worthy Generals already trained to do the job if needed. A vote is then taken by all GENERALS within a nation, over any would be candidates after three months of consideration where public contests and debates must be held to re-enforce and redefine for all members minds our mission, our purpose and our committment to our cause by electing one of our own to be trusted with the most responsible job of guarding against corruption. Each General being instructed to review feedback from his or her rank and file personnel to help them form an opinion to make their vote.

(b) Three Colonels appointed by the Commander General for as long as needed.

(c) A Major elected EACH FOUR YEARS by all Majors, who shall act as Secretary and holds audit power over all documents and records.

(d) Three Captains elected EACH THREE YEARS by all Captains, who shall act as Treasurer and holds employee management / audit power over all accounting systems and checks and balances.

(e) Two Lieutenants, elected EACH TWO YEARS by all lieutenants who shall represent and speak on behalf of the logistical needs of all members.

(f) Two First Seargents, elected EACH YEAR by all First Seargents and representing all companies and acting as Advisors concerning troop moral and presenting all complaints, issues and problems to the executive committee on a daily basis if need be. 


Section 2: The Executive Command Committee shall have complete power to manage the affairs and actions of the ORDER and it's housing systems, work training and rehabilitation systems and to raise funds in any manner not inconsistent with the policies of the EMPIRICAL CHURCH OF HUMANITY and turn over 50% of such funds to the EMPIRICAL CHURCH OF HUMANITY, and to perform all other necessary functions. Yet will have no direct control over any LOCAL EMPIRICAL CHURCH, established to serve a local community, and shall serve only as oversight to prevent corruption and deal with issues by replacing local church leadership as needed to maintain safety, standards and to ensure all protocols are followed. Local church locations shall be operated uniquely by it's own corporate leadership appointed to operate such location until such time as cause results in the need for re-organization. Cause being anything which threatens financial ruin for said local incorporated church. High standards must be upheld and people immediately replaced who otherwise cause problems in local church locations. Sometimes parts break and need to be repaired or replaced.


Section 3: All decisions, appointments of leadership positions or actions of the Executive Command Committee on FUNDING anything concerning the ORDER or the REGULATING of any CHURCH branch location requires a Commander General with a majority vote of the Executive Command Committee members (8 + Commander General).  However already allotted funds and resources may if deemed necessary be changed or re-directed by the Avatar General or Commander General alone. However a Commander General must survive a vote of no-confidence each year which must have a (10 no-confidence to 2 confidence) vote of the 12 member Executive Command Committee to be forced to retire and be replaced. And in cases where a Commander General maybe absent only a 100% vote of the remaining 11 Executive Command Committee members can exercise the valid powers of the Executive Committee to be able to spend money. To be clear, all Executive Command Committee members exist for the purpose of acting as a large assistive team of personnel to provide informative direct feedback to all levels of management and to convey all knowledge and beliefs and perspectives on issues to the Commander General BUT TO OTHERWISE SIMPLY SERVE TO DO WHAT THEY ARE COMMANDED TO DO, and their votes in meetings are meant to serve as affirmations of their agreement with the plans put forth by the leader which is the Commander General, and members who engage in protest votes may be removed for cause if they inhibit actual activities and programs with their vote stalling tactics. Their job is to get directives done as put forth by the elected leader which is the Commander General.






IV. Executive Command Committee Meetings

Section 1: Executive Command Committee meetings shall be two fold, one 4 hour meeting which must be top secret and is a private friendly non-recorded discussion about what will occur in the public meeting, followed by a no-time limit public meeting for performing official business and spending any funds. General daily sub committee meetings shall be held ALL WEEK at such times and places as are determined by the Executive Command Committee members, or set by the Avatar General or Commander General, or local Generals. 

Section 2: The holding of meetings and scheduling of multiple meetings per day with multiple groups of personnel, is the function of the Executive Command Committee who will be very organized about having and holding meetings in neet orderly ways to properly gather all facts, keep all records, consider all options, develop all plans and be able to plan and move forward with meaningful actions on a constant daily, weekly and monthly basis. It is at meetings that all command personnel and members of the Executive Command Committee and sub committees can get direct and accurate information from all personnel regularly, and be able to directly command all rank personnel towards proper mission tasking, and allowing for command to check if mission tasking is being accomplished and to identify problems.

Section 3: A quorum in the Executive Command Committee requires 100% attendance of all it's  twelve members and is mandatory to fund the allocating of any Bank held funds towards any projects or assets, and is to be held once a week and never in secret.
    A quorum is required for any vote or decision to be considered binding and valid. However in day to day operations (spending of already funded money) appointed Executive command Committee Colonels are expected to lead endless meetings (With the consent and observation of local sector Generals) and may delegate command functions to ensure operational planning gets done and may hold Command meetings as needed each day at any time and any place, by commanding any one random Major, one random Captain, random lieutenant and random First Seargent to witness and run proper procedures and record keeping for that meeting be it special or scheduled. Any such decisions made by less than the full Quorum of the Executive Command Committee may be contested by any member anonymously in writing for re-consideration each week at the mandatory Executive Command Committee public meetings. Only the Commander General or each of the three appointed Executive Command Committee Colonels can call for and hold meetings with Generals or any and all  personnel under a Generals command. The three appointed Colonels are trusted to follow out the general intentions of the Commander General as outlined to them, and the purpose of the one Major, one Captain, one lieutenant and one First Seargent is to make sure 4 layers of records are kept for all meetings in case of disputes or complaints or issues of abuse of power arise later.  

Section 4:  The elected executive Major can command any and all Majors into meetings with them. The elected executive Captains can command all Captains to have meetings with them. The two elected executive lieutenants can command all lieutenants into meetings with them. The two elected executive First Seargents can command all First Seargents and Seargents to have meetings with them.  All Executive Command Committee members have limited powers to call meetings over any of their specific RANK and all personnel under their direct command, such that those elected who sit on the Executive Command Committee can directly convey the commands of the Commander General to all MAJORS, CAPTAINS, LUITENENTS and FIRST SEARGENTS and SEARGENTS when setting up mandatory meetings between them all, to have discussions leading directly to the Executive Command Committee being able to convey those commands and allow for enforcement of plans and objectives to all command personnel at all rank levels. AND MORE IMPORTANTLY, to receive direct honest feedback about problems, issues, and mistakes which are being made at any level, and to allow for a rapid means of action to address problems to resolve them before they result in disastrous risk, loss or damage to life or property. 

Section 5: General meetings. General meetings refers to daily, weekly and monthly meetings held by Generals in command of various numbers of ranking member personnel. The meetings are not command and control meetings as run by the Executive Command committee on behalf of the Commander General, and are instead operations and maintenance meetings by leadership/management personnel, technical support, and Human resources as to the functional ability, productivity and lost opportunity potential involved in any and all endeavors under the general command of a General.
  A General being directly empowered to immediately make any and all changes deemed proper at the time, and which are subject only to anonymous or in person direct 'dispute cases' in front of the Commander General scheduled into one of the weekly public meetings of the Executive Command Committee.
  Meetings under a General's command are not rigged in their structure and can be fluid, day to day and as dynamic and friendly as needed to ensure cooperation and family friendly work environments rather than cold, calculated interrogations by arrogant would be leaders. A Generals job is to delegate authority to Rank personnel and train and motivate them to use it and do their jobs, and he must try and do so in as friendly, kind, loving and reasonable leader like manner as possible.

Section 6: Record Keeping. Record keeping methods vary for what are official meetings where funds are spent or moved, and non official meetings where issues are discussed. Official meetings require multiple layers of records to be used whenever any funds or goods are exchanged, and unofficial meetings are forbidden from involving the exchange of any material goods or funds:

A) Each Executive Command Committee member keeps their own personal record and separate official record, and at each meeting they write down in both books exactly identical specific details and data they feel relevant to the meetings record, as agreements, NUMBERS, arguments, complaints, and most importantly vote records. One book is kept by the Commander General in storage for audit purposes, and the other book is to be held by the executive Command Committee member in their personal storage for weekly use.  
b) Each Executive Command Committee Major, Captain, lieutenant, and First Seargent keeps additional record books for all distinct campaign program meetings where any goods or funds are exchanged, and these records must also match identical records kept by any available four lower ranking personnel (who work in that campaign program) who will sit at such meetings and serve to certify it, by matching records, making it public, on record, and open to complaints and arguments. MATCHING RECORDS MEANS, ALL SITTING MEMBERS OF A MEETING WHICH ARE TAKING NOTES, ENSURE THAT THEY AGREE THAT THEY ARE EACH WRITING DOWN THE EXACT SAME WORDS, AGREED UPON, AS EACH MEETING PROGRESSES. WHICH WILL MEAN, the Executive Command Committee member leading such a meeting shall at each step in a discussion require and literally command each sitting member at a meeting to pause and write down exacting texts as officially recorded, such as the text of goods transferred or moved, funds exchanged to whom and from whom, why, where, when, dates, times, complaints, direct official responses, and responses of note, and each sitting member at each meeting should write as many side bar notes as they like about their personal views, for their own records for later honest review.
c) Any General holding an official meeting shall hold it in the same fashion as an Executive Command Committee Major, but needs only three personnel to certify the meetings with exacting records, however a General shall be expected to keep multiple files for each campaign they are operating and use one official file record book for meeting notes, and other files for oversight command and control record keeping of each aspect of a campaign, such as personnel records, project spending records, reports, and problem records to be used as summary report material for responding to audits and command meetings and prevent fraud and corruption. 
d) All ranking members from Seargent to Commander General must at all times have access to their private personnel records to be drawn upon immediately or within any 24 hour period. Failure to have on ones person a small note pad to be used as official summary notes will result in the issuing of note papers which must be transferred within 24 hours to a ranking members personal official notebook. These note books kept by all ranking personal are subject to immediate or otherwise within 24 hour notice of inspection for comparison with other official notes taken and recorded at any official meeting. If NOTES DO NOT MATCH, then there is a very serious problem. RECORD KEEPING IS OF THE UTMOST IMPORTANCE, and those who cannot or will not follow detailed record keeping cannot hold command positions.
e) The Commander Generals main role is to hold random audit meetings with all personnel and make copies of their official meeting records which represents all command functions at meetings and potential uses of funds, so as to do oversight and ensure no corruption, theft, or conspiracies are allowed to manifest.
f) All Ranking personnel from seargent to Commander General must at all times carry with them a small note book, to be used to write down positive or negative details about any and all members when interacting with them, such as when giving them orders, if they reject orders, accept orders, comply with orders, or fail to comply with orders is to be recorded daily for the record and collectively used by command personal as the basis for promoting individuals towards higher and higher rank positions, such that people who cannot obey commands cannot be given command positions, and these daily records are of utmost importance to reward those who deserve reward and rank, and prevent those less worthy from holding command positions.  All interactions are as such, potentially on record for review for command promotions as is the opinion of the membership body in general. these daily records are to be daily copied into a separate personal record file to be stored and kept safe in case ones small note book is ever lost.






Section 1:  PURPLE STATUS ranking membership above the rank of PRIVATE is limited to members of the EMPIRICAL ORDER OF GOD'S CHILDREN and no rank shall be given to any person not considered a full time member of the EMPIRICAL CHURCH OF HUMANITY, AND WHOM MAY ONLY WORK FOR THE CHURCH OR ORDER, AND LIVE ONLY WITHIN THE CONFINES OF CHURCH HOUSING SYSTEMS and whom have taken a vow of relative poverty and follow the 50/50 all the way donation mandate. All purple status Rank positions shall have the following job descriptions:

A) A Seargent runs a platoon of up to 32 humans.
B) A First Seargent recruits and runs up to 10 platoons.
c) A Lieutenant manages the full logistical needs of at least one and up to TEN branch churches once built, or for at least one company of 10 platoons and up to one large scale commune of up to 13,000 members.
D) A Captain runs all accounting services, and runs purchasing for at least one and up to TEN branch churches, and or shares 1/3 of the duty to run a 13,000 member commune.
E) A Major leads planning of campaign efforts such as business expansion goals, for at least one church and up to a Company of 10 platoons.
F) A Colonel is in training to be a General and learn all rank positions and job descriptions and protocols and procedures to be able to be a General and be sent to any place on the Earth and begin and start a new branch without any help from anyone, other than the people there at that location. But is otherwise in charge of discipline, punishment, and has the power to reassign any member into or out of any platoon. And who's role it is to find ways to properly blend individuals to fit preset parameters for cooperative labor standards. He makes the army work, AND WHEN PROBLEMS ARE FOUND, he breaks the problem up, and spreads it out for their own good, and doubles down on training the problem members.
G) A General is someone entrusted to lead large scale operations with at least 13,000 and up to 130,000 troop personnel under their command, running large scale communes, large numbers of Churches, Mosques, Temples etc, and are in training to compete to gain the rank of Commander General. Each nation will have it's own Commander General who will work with all other Commander Generals world wide on cooperative peace and showing the charity and love God wishes for us all.
H) A Commander General is in general command of the army in each nation, and can be considered commander in chief, who takes commands only from the Avatar General, which is the spiritual leader of the organization, and is presently Self proclaimed Caliph of God, Mosheh Eesho Muhammad, and for which this rank position may end with his Death, making Commander General the top ranking position is service to the creator, leading this organization, in each nation. Allowing for simple internal election politics to determine Commander General officers over time, such as every 20 years or so as Commanders age.   (but, elected COMMANDER GENERALS, cannot run on different platforms, and must simply compete to be worthy of leading the cause and maintaining the goals and standards to the highest levels.  Those who are most worthy of this position may earn it, if they can earn the trust of their troops to do so.  That is trust to uphold all standards, principles, limits and protocols which keep corruption at bay. Any candidate for leadership who wishes to pay themselves more or increase their housing standards should be tarred and feathered. 
I) A Global Commander General could be elected from Commander Generals world wide, but such a position must be symbolic and non-binding so that one can never be a tyrant in control of money but can lead with great words and speeches concerning how we will spend developed funds in the future, and could be empowered to organize global committees made up of Commander Generals who can combine efforts and resources towards expansion to the moon and beyond. 

Section 2:  BLUE STATUS are individual members who gain outside Church employment, and are forced to take the rank of PRIVATE, are limited to PRIVATE housing, and are mandated that they donate 50% of their income to the Church, and MUST save 100% of the other 50% as well as all other income into a personal saving account to be used to fund their rise out of Church housing systems and back into working class free society.

Section 3:  GREEN STATUS.  A PRIVATE, is a unique class of member, who is willing to work, and gladly accepts all the rewards and comforts of working hard each day, but otherwise is not mentally or physically capable of leading troops or taking command positions, and is as such, limited in resource access, and provided what can be considered only the most basic forms of assistance programs for their daily lives, such as secure private sleeping quarters, bed, toilet/ shower, and access to everything they need such as food, clothes, and medical attention, but their access to what can be called luxury items is limited and at the discretion of leadership personnel who should be trained to reward hard work and efforts regularly.  A PRIVATE...  is a private person, who chooses to volunteer and spends any limited income in the private manner they choose, without oversight, except for taxation from the government. (By law, a solicitor, can make no more than 20% of raised charitable funds, and must pay taxes on those funds if those funds are free and clear to be spent in anyway they choose without having to provide receipts as justified expenses for their daily survival.) Church employment in various job tasks are provided as possible but may be variable, changing, seasonal or otherwise part time and short term and in no way guaranteed. However when paid work is not available, all GREEN STATUS PRIVATES must be willing to volunteer their time until such time as efforts can result in more profitable efforts to pay them.

Section 4:  WHITE STATUS individuals are those who refuse to work or even try, and are as such housed as the organization is able to afford, with self help programs to encourage self improvement and the adoption of a positive work ethic. Housing for White status individuals would be intentionally small and crowded as typical shelters tend to be, so as to encourage non-workers to take up volunteer status and receive basic comforts and begin training programs to self improve.








Section 1: Compensation. Any and all Ranking members of the EMPIRICAL ORDER OF GOD'S CHILDREN as well as members of the EMPIRICAL CHURCH OF HUMANITY, are limited to being employed by and being paid a maximum of minimum wage salaried at 40 hours a week, and as they are required to live in Church and ORDER HOUSING SYSTEMS and since they have no bills, all members are required to donate 50% of their meager Monthly Salary to the Church as a never ending act of love following the 50/50 all the way agreement, which then serves to offset the costs of their material needs. 

Section 2: Oversight. The EMPIRICAL ORDER OF GOD'S CHILDREN shall not engage in any activity which is contrary to the policies of the EMPIRICAL CHURCH OF HUMANITY and shall accept oversight by the EMPIRICAL CHURCH OF HUMANITY and it's Board of Director Generals to do audits and at will assign teams towards regulatory tasks of checking the records and activities of all ORDER and church location personnel.

Section 3: All Ranking members of the EMPIRICAL ORDER OF GOD'S CHILDREN are limited to the following standards for HOUSING SYSTEMS and are forbidden from hoarding. All Ranking personnel are also encouraged to buy over time their allotted spaces and containers from the ORDER making them private property and fully customizable, as well as mobile should asset reorganization force everyone to move. All members would likewise be encouraged to marry or form close families which can combine containers and allotted spaces.

A) The absolute top commanders as AVATAR GENERAL and COMMANDER GENERAL are limited to housing equivilent to seven, forty foot long, tall standard cargo containers as one would find in any port on Earth. 
B) Generals are allotted no more than six forty foot container spaces.
B) Colonels are allotted five forty foot container spaces.
C) Majors are allotted four forty foot container spaces.
D) Captains are allotted three forty foot container spaces. 
E) lieutenant are allotted two forty foot container spaces.
F) First Seargents are allotted two forty foot container spaces.
G) Seargents are allotted the same space as Privates, and must be elected organically from and house themselves with their platoons. (The exception is when higher ranking officers are acting as Seargents daily for the purposes of training platoons and new Seargents.)
H) Privates are allotted one forty foot container or two twenty foot containers as a standard minimum for all workers in good standing, including one toilet one shower and one functional large sink with counter space.
I) New and old members who become dysfunctional and no longer can or are willing to work shall be placed in mandatory medical evaluation housing which can lead to determinations of whether the member needs medical attention, or is otherwise making a choice in refusing to comply with command personnel. The first will lead to help seeking medical attention, the later will result in temporary WHITE STATUS, which will trigger detailed intervention programs to deal with the mental issue.
J) Large scale "no requirements" shelter housing systems will be set up within cities, as funding allows, and will employ Church and ORDER personnel to operate efficient clean shelter systems which will also serve as recruitment centers for the ORDER, and employment centers for the homeless as possible. 
K) All branch EMPIRICAL church locations will also provide housing for twelve members of rank along these same parameters as listed for all ranking members(Who run the church location) with the addition of twelve temporary housing spaces to be reserved for local non-member people in need and each made of one 20 foot cargo container space with a small sink/toilet/shower and bed.








VII. TAX EXEMPTION, LIMITS, and building churches. 

Section 1: Tax exempt status: The purposes for which this organization is formed are exclusively religious, charitable, educational, and scientific within the meaning of section 501(c)(3) of the United States Internal Revenue Code or the equivalent section of any future federal tax code. However, as a religious order, lead by the church which exists to serve God, filing for a 501(c)3 exemption is strictly forbidden as doing so places such ORDER under the jurisdiction of the state, which is contrary to serving and being under the jurisdiction to the lord God almighty. However as needed, locations and bases and incorporations shall work with whatever government it need work with to fulfill it's task and role of solving that nations problems and should things be mandatory at the point of a gun then so be it, as long as we may do the lords work.
Section 2: Limits:  Limits concerns mandatory limits on wealth in housing, clothing, vehicles and life in general, such that all command Rank leadership personnel are required to take a vow of relative poverty, which is not abject poverty but is to be considered modest housing, modest living, modest spending and preventing any in leadership position from abusing any rules and giving themselves excess benefits. No excess benefits are to be provided for with Church or ORDER FUNDS, and individuals are limited to their 50% of their taxable income to spend on what must still be modest private property which can fit neatly within the HOUSING SYSTEMS RESTRICTIONS as put forth by this constitution. If members want more then they are free to leave the ORDER and Church at any time.

Section 3: The building of churches. The building of churches is the main purpose of the EMPIRICAL ORDER OF GOD'S CHILDREN, and it uses the funds it has raised as well as funds provided by the EMPIRICAL CHURCH OF HUMANITY to buy or build buildings to be future local branch church locations, and to fund the organizing and training of adequate personnel to run said locations and provide the numerous social service benefits to each community.  The building of churches is the main purpose of the Empirical Order and to make this possible larger scale outside the city communal housing systems is to be built as foundational for training, rehabilitation, and to otherwise service the need for God's love to be shown and manifested on Earth by the adults of God's children who must intelegently lead all the masses to solution.






VIII. Dissolution. In the event of dissolution of the EMPIRICAL ORDER;

Section 1:  Any EMPIRICAL ORDER property held by the ORDER shall revert to the EMPIRICAL CHURCH OF HUMANITY.

Section 2: All assets remaining after meeting outstanding liabilities shall be assigned to the EMPIRICAL CHURCH OF HUMANITY.  However, if the named recipient is not then in existence or is no longer a qualified ASSOCIATED ORGANIZATION, or unable OR UNWORTHY to accept the distribution, the assets of this organization shall be distributed to a fund FOR THE PURPOSE OF FORMING a new organization operated exclusively for the purposes of rebuilding and reforming the EMPIRICAL CHURCH OF HUMANITY and it's EMPIRICAL ORDER OF GOD'S CHILDREN and it's charitable functions as specified by this founding constitution.
  All assets of the EMPIRICAL CHURCH OF HUMANITY shall likewise be assigned to the EMPIRICAL ORDER OF GOD'S CHILDREN should it suffer dissolution, and used to rebuild said EMPIRICAL CHURCH OF HUMANITY.








Section 1: The Avatar General or otherwise Commander General has power to excommunicate anyone for any reason but such decisions are subject to approval by a vote of 12 of the 12 member Executive Command Committee members, allowing representatives to stall such decisions to express the popular views of more ranking personnel before such a decision is made. 
Section 2: Excommunication shall take two forms, permanent, and temporary. Temporary excommunication means one is removed from all housing and communication for some period of time, but can otherwise after some specific time period reapply for membership.







Section 1: Amendments to this constitution MAY ONLY BE proposed either by the AVATAR GENERAL, or by the Commander General with a 100% agreement of the Executive Committee. Adoption of any new amendments shall require the approval of the AVATAR GENERAL alone, or the COMMANDER GENERAL and a three fourths (3/4) vote of all EMPIRICAL ORDER RANKING MEMBERS (ALL MEMBERS FROM SEARGENT TO GENERAL), in person and in writing, provided that notice of the VOTE and the content of the amendments shall have been announced to the membership at least thirty days prior to the time at which the vote will be taken. 

 Amendments must be limited by these conditions, and these conditions may not be amended.

A) Any attempt to raise employee pay and compensation above a nations minimum wage shall be strictly forbidden and any who propose such must be IMMEDIATELY demoted to PRIVATE.

B) Any attempt to change the 50/50 standard of giving, sharing and mandatory donations from new members and paid employees, shall be strictly forbidden. And any who promote such demoted to PRIVATE.

C) Any attempt by members to form for profit organizations or use corporate stock, and or loans, or investor capital to share in profits from any gainful labors is strictly forbidden. No sharing gains with any private party or organization. And should ANY in leadership be found to create and own or run any other organization doing business with the ORDER OR CHURCH, or using any ORDER OR CHURCH ASSETS for personal profit, shall be immediately STRIPPED OF ALL RANK, and excommunicated from the EMPIRICAL ORDER AND CHURCH FOR LIFE and charges filed as possible.
D) Any attempt to break off from the very real controls the EMPIRICAL CHURCH OF HUMANITY has over the EMPIRICAL ORDER OF GOD'S CHILDREN, shall be considered an act of vile stupidity, and advocates demoted in relation to their offenses.

E) Any attempt to openly recruit non-homeless people as live in full members must be rejected, as our concern is for the needy, homeless, and poor, and no efforts made to ever make preference to people who are not in actual need of charity and love.  Anyone may join however.

F) Any attempt to change rules so that people who are wealthy may join without giving up 50% of their actual wealth when joining shall be rejected. New members, of course after giving 50% of their wealth, and 50% of further income over time to the Church, are forever free to keep and hold as their own their 50%, with no obligation to spend it in any way other than how they freely desire. 
   Private property, is private property.

G) Any attempt to allow members to change the housing size per rank scales as set forth by the Avatar General shall be considered as an act of excess greed, and the advocate demoted.

H) Any advocate for dissolution and redistribution of assets to anything other than a rebuild or restart of a given base or Church as described by this constitution shall be considered pure evil and completely demoted and then excommunicated in an unfriendly manner. 

I) Any attempt by lower ranking personnel sitting on the Executive Command Committee to pass a RULE or amendment or anything with a 8 to 4 vote without the consent of a duly elected or appointed Commander General or by strength of arms take over said Executive Command Committee shall result in their immediate removal from office and arrest once a Commander General is elected, and the election of new representatives and if need be the complete dissolution of any one church, or base of operations, as well as the separation and reassignment of all remaining personnel and the excommunication in mass of all members who conspired to leave or overthrown leadership as vested in the Executive Command Committee. 

J) Any attempt to prevent the lower ranking SEVEN members of the executive committee from leading the process of making considerations for each years vote of no-confidence shall be rejected. If those six are displeased with the performance of the Commander General, they may openly collect and present to the Executive Command Committee their findings for or against the sitting Commander General.

k)  All members shall be protected by what can be called a bill of rights:

 RIGHT ONE : All members shall have rights to private property which can be taken and stored by a First Seargent but only if publicly witnessed by four members by MATCHING note taking. AND SUCH ITEMS secured for examination by whatever highest ranking personnel is available to make a determination within 24 hours of either returning said property, or holding it further for detailed discussions to be held at a scheduled meeting where the property owner is required to bear witness to request it's return. Under all normal circumstance no property can be taken unless it is otherwise banned and belongs in either an armory, a laboratory, or a trash can. Safety is key, and hoarding will not be tolerated.

 RIGHT TWO : All members are able to speak freely about all subjects at all times in all places, and no thought control or good think or bad think mandates are to be established and no punishment for thought or words can ever be imposed on members ever. However, all members are expected to be involved in self improvement efforts to educate and train themselves over their entire life to be and become all they can be, and would be reminded of this whenever they are being, less than ideal, less than calm and cool, less than clear and stable, and otherwise scaring or bothering people with their free speech. Free speech means one can think what they choose, and speak about it, but it does not mean others must be forced to listen to it, and in some cases people's choice to be free of those who cannot shut up must be addressed on a case by case basis.

 RIGHT THREE : The right to appeal any and all decisions made by command personnel over any subject must never be infringed upon, and many anonymous complaint/ suggestion boxes made always available to allow for feedback which must be collected for examination by the Commander General himself.

 RIGHT FOUR : The right to be provided food, water, shelter and a toilet / shower, clothes and all other basic needs from the Church as an organization if one volunteers themselves to work for the lord via this Church organization shall never be infringed or denied as punishment in anyway as long as they maintain their GREEN STATUS and are willing to try and do what they are able each day in service to the team in service to the lord God. GREEN STATUS is based on attitude and a willingness to try.

 RIGHT FIVE :  The right to be secure in a members housing, food, and basic living conditions when falling ill, and suffering honest debilitating conditions from age or otherwise shall be written in stone literally and placed somewhere for view in each Empirical BASE. However, as should be reasonable if one is not actually ill, and functional enough to sit and eat and watch TV all day and play video games then they are functional enough to work from bed in simple accounting services and other desk / computer based activities so being bed ridden does not make it impossible to work, but only limits the form of work that can be done. 

 RIGHT SIX : The right to be secure with assisted living once a members age and conditions make them un-viable for even basic desk work shall not be infringed and can be considered in hospice and dying. A right to share in whatever hospice housing has been built for that purpose and to choose which form and place of hospice one wishes shall not be infringed. However those in hospice who are found to be functional enough to again watch TV all day, play video games, and sit upright will be required to help out as they are able to offset many desk or table top labors the staff can delegate to them as helpers, allowing for greater service to those less able. Each Hospice shall have written in stone at it's entrance a sign, which reads ROMANS 15:1 "We then that are strong, aught to bear the infirmities of the weak and not to please ourselves."  We do it because we can, and because we should, and we help each other help each other as we are able until the day we die. If we cannot walk then we crawl, if we cannot crawl then we role, if we cannot role then we flop along like a fish, and if we cannot flop then we drag ourselves across the floor with our teeth but we never quit and we never give up.

 RIGHT SEVEN : The right to be able to maintain full easy contact with any and all friends and family BY PHONE AND MAIL without restrictions of any kind, shall not be infringed. However provided services may be limited.

 RIGHT EIGHT : The right to ask for ORDER punishment instead of having the police called shall not be infringed unless the victim in any case refuses and insists on government and police involvement. The accused must be allowed the right to appeal publicly to the victim and ranking leadership to accept alternative forms of punishment such as being caged or chained to some location in public view locally in church or commune property. The exact nature of the punishment conditions must be agreed to before it begins, and if at any time the punished chooses he may ask to be released and turned directly over to government forces for punishment. 

 RIGHT NINE : The right to be protected from warrantless, evidenceless accusations of crimes shall not be infringed. To be accused of a crime worthy of punishment by calling the police or demanding leadership involvement in disputes must involve actual evidence of damage such as theft, assault, property damage, or the infringing of our freedom of movement or of speech. Victims however have the right to themselves call government police officials to get involved in any dispute if they so choose, however are encouraged to have some type of evidence before making cases which cannot be proven or acted on. However all members are also encouraged to write down in their note books all actions and small crimes they see and suffer from so that during command meetings with leadership these notes can be transferred to command to collectively give command truthful facts about specific members who have BAD habits of committing small crimes or exhibit negative behaviors which need to be addressed even if they cannot be directly proven and punished. Truth transffered at meetings allows for steps to be taken to strengthen perpetrators to stop being bad, and strive to be good, and or otherwise can lead command to find ways to stop and punish negative behaviors.

 RIGHT TEN : The right to have equal opportunity to join training and work programs by any member shall not be infringed. The right to be involved in any collective campaigns and efforts of the ORDER and CHURCH shall not be infringed and shall be encouraged. It being the job of leadership personnel to find ways to place workers into work positions based on what they can do and are willing to do, and otherwise have desire to train into doing. In general all members shall be required to enter some mandatory training programs while others can be considered voluntary and subject to the needs of the organization and opportunity in the free society job market. Training and education is considered a life long goal and mandatory effort to be engaged in by all members without exception, however the nature and direction of such training is up to the individual member themselves and is hence forth called self brain washing, as only the self can properly do self examination, self reflection, and do character modeling to work on molding themselves over time into better more capable people. There shall be no right to refuse involvement in self improvement programs, and those who refuse to do so risk being reclassified as WHITE STATUS.