City funded spaces and food, and workers.
      Yearly cost per 50,000 homeless = 60-100 million
      Since the city funds everything, the city can have total controls.


































--------- EXEXCUTIVE SUMMARY:   there are two viable options  :                                     



City funded spaces and food, and workers.
Yearly cost to Los Angeles = 60 million a year minimum.
Since city funds everything, city can have total controls.

This comes down to some simple facts :
Los Angeles county has approximately 50,000 homeless people.

To house them in a tent city will require a tent city which is hundreds of acres of land, and or otherwise what we propose will be needed is 1562 small 32 person tent city locations spread out across the city and county.

To feed 50,000 people will absolutely cost no less than 30 million a year and possibly up to 120 million a year. 
 30 million  = (best case = $1.64 a day/person (lots of rice and vegetables))
 60 million  = ($3.28 a day/person)
 120 million = ($6.56 a day/ person = national average)

To manage the simple but daily lives of organizing each 1562 small tent city locations (platoons), will require 1562 managers, or what we refer to as platoon Seargents.

To pay 1562 Seargents to run 1562 platoon locations, at minimum wage, salaried at 40 hours a week, is $19,200 x 1562 = 30 million a year.

So just to start considerations of having a city funded effort to adequately house the 50,000 homeless of Los Angeles IN TENT CITIES, will require nothing less than 30 million dollars, and with food costs upwards of 100 million or more per year.

As part of this option, another option however exists, if the city allows it, the existing streets of LOS ANGELES (which are already TENT CITIES), can be converted, organized and made into functioning platoon team units (per street), which can all then operate to fund their long term survival with the help of the city's funds. To do this will still require the 60-100 million a year, to employ that 1562 seargent army, and feed that 50,000 people, as well as abundant lot spaces for organizing over time, NOT TO MENTION TOILETS.
       These 1562 employees are paid then to each take on management roles for porto-pottys and logistics for healthy food supplies to what could then be 1562 platoons of 32 people each, living in tent based camp locations along the sides of the LA river and freeways where possible and on abundant small lots all over Los Angeles, or on the streets where the tents are now. 
(50,000 tents can take up a lot of space, so rather than attempt to move them all, we can simply demand that people sign up and be organized or move their tent to some other street, in this way all of east Down Town can be not only cleaned up, but made fully organized by a dedicated leadership team assigned to each street.)  

 THEREFORE, we estimate that for a starting cost of NO LESS THAN 30 million a year, and the allowed use of land spaces, that homelessness can actually be put to an end in Los Angeles, or any city, and people allowed long term spaces to grow and train to better their lives, under the leadership and guidance of EMPIRICAL ORDER leaders who make self improvement and training mandatory. (In as much as that is possible) 
   IT BEING UNDERSTOOD, that a great many intended platoon members at each of these 1562 LOCATIONS will never themselves be up to or able to or capable of caring for themselves, and it is for this reason, that they must be organized together for mutual benefit to be able to cost effectively deal with themselves and their many problems.  AND IF THE CITY YOU LIVE IN, WORKS WITH US, to organize, start and manage these platoons, then we can very quickly begin serious steps to seriously help people, and not just offer them shelter from the rain. 


We intend to contract with all cities under the following terms :

1) Start up : Division of types based platoon development. 
   We the Empirical Church of Humanity, and the EMPIRICAL ORDER it forms will reserve the right and power at all times to divide up platoons and it's members as we see fit, with the intention of moving and processing people for training, human resource needs, and to form study groups of like minded individuals. We reserve the right to at all times recruit all platoon members to join the EMPIRICAL ORDER, and become platoon leaders themselves in service to others in need. We reserve the right to manage the distribution of payroll checks to all members and to service to cash them as needed. It is therefore to be understood that the Empirical Church of Humanity shall recruit and train all employees, who will manage the daily life affairs of each platoon of 32 humans in need within the confines of the city, and reserves the right to fire, replace, remove and or completely excommunicate all future and potential employees for any reason.


2) Immediate provisions : land, vehicles equipment, food and water, toilets.
   We, the Empirical Church of Humanity, will agree to contract to care for any vast number of homeless persons within a city or district, IF THE CITY WILL IMMEDIATELY provide specific minimal need items for start up per every estimated 32 person platoon location.
 Each 32 homeless person tent city platoon to be functional in the most basic form will need :

ONE LOT SPACE = 4000 sqft approx, for 32 10x10 tent spaces (3200sqft) plus porto-pottys (10 units = 100 sqft), and kitchen/ table and organizing space (700 sqft)

KITCHEN EQUPTMENT = Can be furnished by recruiting one of the 1000's of large motor homes across the city, or otherwise setting up simple camping stoves to act as a daily kitchen in each tent city location.

ONE COMPACT DELIVERY VEHICLE = For each platoon seargent to manage daily food purchases and delivery and distribution needs, and serve as transportation services for all members in need, as needed. 

FOOD AND WATER = Access to city water and good drainage is obviously a must for daily washing, and to keep food costs reduced as much as possible we would ask for an account to be established from which our organization and it's representatives can purchase fresh food items daily at whole sale prices, or better, charity prices, and use the many platoon vehicles to daily distribute said bulk food items to the many platoon locations to be cooked on location and freshly served to platoon members at each location. Or otherwise ask the city to hand out EBT cards to each platoon location member, and let each platoon organize itself democratically in how it spends it's food provision funds.
(But that will be more expensive.)

TOILET SERVICES = Most importantly these platoon locations of 32 humans will need to buy(more cost effective over time) approximately 10 porto-potty units total cost of 10 units can be about $1000 total used, and service costs can be reasonable enough as to make it effective for no less than the first year of operation. Over time, as labor and funding sources develop each location is meant to invest any available funds to advance and improve these toilet features.


3) Funding mechanisms : Contract employees, risk insurance, and direct deposit per schedule for food provision and distribution.
   To be fair, we the Empirical Church of Humanity, intend to allow for certain safe guards and provision to prevent corruption and waste.

 a) Any allotted funds for food / toilet / transportation / service resources should be accounted for by a debt cards tied to specific accounts, so that all daily bulk purchases big and small will be accounted for clearly, allowing easy oversight of how city funds are spent. Receipt records being required to be kept which match penny for penny the debt accounts spending records. 
 b) The city or state shall agree to contract with the EMPIRICAL CHURCH OF HUMANITY for a given yearly amount, which will then be regulated as payroll funds by the EMPIRICAL CHURCH OF HUMANITY in paying the 1562 platoon Seargents to manage the daily lives of each 32 member platoon location.  
 c) The city or state shall agree to contract with the EMPIRICAL CHURCH OF HUMANITY to manage a fund account for resource purchases, distribution and accounting, and that all assets acquired by the management team of platoon Seargents, as employees of the EMPIRICAL CHURCH OF HUMANTIY, shall become the fully owned assets of the EMPIRICAL CHURCH OF HUMANITY, which has full rights and powers then to move and redistribute said assets as it's upper management sees fit. 
 d) The city or state agrees to allow for long term recruitment of homeless tent city camp members, into the EMPIRICAL ORDER, and so EMPIRICAL CHURCH OF HUMANITY employment, as platoon Seargents and or other leadership positions.
 e) The city and state agrees to set forth a preset funding rate per year per homeless person residing in each managed tent city location, for all homeless persons who refuse to join the EMPIRICAL ORDER, work, or otherwise is not able to offset their yearly costs of living and requires government funding to fund their daily lives.
 f) The city and state agrees to allow the EMPIRICAL ORDER to set up various funding systems out of each tent city, to raise funds to over time either buy the unit platoon location site itself, or a suitable replacement, and to use the combined gains of the membership body to upgrade the quality details of each members living quarters. 
 g) The city and state agrees to provide without limit city water from what ever local source each platoon location can link too.
 h) The city and state agrees to allow special exemption permits for various forms of street vending to offset funding of the organization and provide income to would be workers, and to allow for numerous training and labor based businesses to be run out of each platoon location coordinated with all other platoons to provide day labor, and all manner of potential work options to it's members.
 i) The city and state agrees to put forth with great clarity the extent to their involvement, their oversight, and their interference and cooperation to be expected from city workers and local police departments. And agrees to negotiate these terms in detail, to limit potential problems.
 j) The city and state agrees to take on the greater part of the risk involved from any and all lawsuits brought forth by homeless people who are regulated into these tent city locations and groups. Or from lawsuits brought from land owners and renters located near any future tent city location.  Or otherwise any city and or state agrees to fund the payments for insurance to eliminate this risk.
 k) The city or state agrees to respect the full privacy rights and property rights of all persons residing in any city run tent city under the management of the Empirical Order, or Empirical Church of Humanity personnel, and will ensure in writing that no camps shall be shut down or forced to move without 30 days of notice, and personnel property never removed without platoon Seargent approval. 


4) Accounting / oversight : Our system, and what ever additional system a funding city may choose.
  Our accounting system is based on record keeping by all personnel, as each solicitor, Seargent, First Seargent. SEE --  
  The Empirical Church of Humanity, agrees to be willing to consider adding or altering our record keeping methods to suit the needs and wants of any given city government.


5) Police involvement : Immediate, short and long term uses and benefits of cooperation. 
  The city and so police departments can as such take an active role in bringing homeless individuals to the many platoon locations, and otherwise can assist in relocation and removal needs, but otherwise must agree to take a positive posture to help people in need, BY OFFERING THEM OPTIONS, such as access to a platoon location housing system, and or other social services.

6) Police limitations : To prevent problems.
 The city and or state, agrees to place serious limits on police activity within the tent city locations, and will agree to absolutely and with no uncertain terms treat the residents with the same respect and care they would any person in a private dwelling and not violate their property and privacy rights, and will limit all policing activity within the tent city locations until called as needed by a platoon Seargent or EMPIRICAL CHURCH OR EMPIRICAL ORDER PERSONEL.
  The police department however would be forbidden from bringing intoxicated people directly to the platoon locations, and would be required to detain them until sober before offering them access to living in platoon housing systems. As only a sober person can make an honest decision, a choice, to accept what help is offered.

7) Investment plans : The city accepts realities and investment programs.
  Any city and or state who contracts with the EMPIRICAL CHURCH OF HUMANITY or it's EMPIRICAL ORDER OF GOD'S CHILDREN must accept that all gains from all sources of labor developed and produced by the training and employment programs instituted by the EMPIRICAL CHURCH OR EMPIRICAL ORDER, shall be the sole property of the EMPIRICAL CHURCH OF HUMANITY and or it's EMPIRICAL ORDER OF GOD'S CHILDREN.
  It shall be accepted and understood that all funds gained over time will be invested into the purchase of land and buildings across the city and state which will literally serve to replace these platoon base locations with much more proper housing and employment programs.
  It will be accepted in writing that all oversight of funds by any city and state shall only be over city or state provided funds, and how those specific funds are spent in service to the cities homeless populations, however no oversight by city or state officials shall be considered or allowed over actual EMPIRICAL CHURCH OF HUMANITY or EMPIRICAL ORDER OF GOD'S CHILDREN'S finances or activities.

8) Secular / religious understanding : The city recognizes the fair value of operations.
   While under normal circumstances a city or state government cannot favor one religion over another, and neither does the EMPIRICAL CHURCH OF HUMANITY or the EMPIRICAL ORDER OF GOD'S CHILDREN. 
  Any city or state must recognize that we of the EMPIRICAL ORDER AND CHURCH, promote all world religions, and allow for the study and practice of all world religions side by side without blending them, and will work without bias to help strengthen peoples faith in whatever they have faith in, and to manifest that faith as a source of strength for their daily lives and improvement.
  Any city and or state, must accept that people need religion in their lives, even if that religion is science, as it humbles the self, and places one in the proper perspective for self reflection and improvement by the regular study of SCIENCE or scriptures which serve to promote life lessons and help people be strong in the face of sinful temptations.  ALL PEOPLE NEED HELP TO BE STRONG.
  Any notion by any city of setting up secular, godless centers will be rejected as complete failures to recognize that people do not only need food, water, toilets and a tent to sleep in, they need purpose, meaning, and to see themselves as having value to this world, and the only way to do that is by religious recognition of the family of God, as God's children, who as such, can show love.  Love, which city governments simply cannot show, and secularist may choose not too.


9) Variations, considerations, and options : The city agrees to allow for wide variation in the following specifics.
   a) Depending on which manner of funding the city chooses, food costs for the vast homeless populations can range from 30 to 120 million a year, and this actual cost may vary from time to time, and excess funds left over each year, should be allotted to next years coffers.

   b) Platoon location members, must be allowed to have a vote, a say in how their location is organized and run, within limits preset by the EMPIRICAL CHURCH OF HUMANITY AND OR EMPIRICAL ORDER OF GOD'S CHILDREN.

   c) Not all homeless persons will be interested in tent city living, or organized anything, and will refuse to cooperate, and as such, special locations may need to be established specifically for those extremely disturbed individuals who will require the assistance of more than just one platoon Seargent. These non-compliant mentally ill persons, must be provided another option, such as much larger tent city location, housing larger numbers, which can be serviced by ALL local city charities and mental health services. (These would be NON-CHURCH OR ORDER centers, and run by whatever charites and mental service personnel the city already has.)
  (It is our intention to use city funds to organize all those who can be organized into tent city locations to begin work programs for self improvement, which when fully operational should allow local city charities and shelters to have abundant extra room, so that they can then focus on the mentally ill.)

  People, who are willing to work, able to work, and will actually work, should not be left to sit in shelters, or to sleep in the streets, but should be organized together as brothers... as family.. and work together as one giant team for their mutual prosperity, so that many of them can rise back into normal working class society, or find purpose and a career in service to the lord by joining the EMPIRICAL ORDER OF GOD'S CHILDREN.   


 Should we fail to partner with a city, state or national government we shall then simply run operations with OPTION TWO, which can be just as effective, albeit much slower, and doesnt allow the government to have any involvement.








              City doesnt fund anything.
              Yearly cost to Los Angeles tax payers = zero dollars
              Since city funds nothing, city has NO CONTROLS.
              Is limited in who and how many it can help, and at what rate.

In other words, if WE are forced to do it ourselves without major funding, then clearly it will take longer.

  Having to work without the cities cooperation, we have our standard PLAN OF ACTION program, which can be summarized as :

1) Recruit all the godly homeless brothers and sisters in any city.
2) Organize them to fund raise, and pool the raised funds into secure savings, via the church.
3) Limit spending to only the obvious real needs of recruited members, no excess benefits.
4) Use funds towards investing first into hotel rooms, then warehouses or land, for further long term development and investment of raised funds to build churches and bases.
5) Organize and set up all labors and small businesses as possible for training and employment purposes for all present and future members. The best way to self improve is by education, and training by doing.
6) Form the members into team units of platoons with simple military rank signifying job descriptions in service to the organization, in the waging of LOVE.
7) FUND RAISE, invest, FUND RAISE, invest, and always to build churches and bases, which will house and train and support the lives of all members who began as recruited homeless persons in need.

  The ability of this type of non-government funded religious faithful only operation will forever be limited in it's ability to deal with the non-workers simply because of the cost of funding their lives, however we hope that in time the cities will come to see the cost effectiveness of our programs and operations and turn over barrels of their gold in service to the goal of charity and helping people.
  No one employed by the EMPIRICAL CHURCH, or EMPIRICAL ORDER, ever get paid more than minimum wage PERIOD, so the money can never be wasted on huge insane salaries like those who run the many so called charity organizations which exist in abundance today.

In 2013 charities in the USA raised 1.74 trillion dollars, and spent 1.63 trillion on overhead (salaries mostly), and since they often pay themselves very well for little to no work, ALL THAT MONEY IS WASTED DUE TO GREED.


 Please contact your local government and tell them to stop wasting their money and start working with the EMPIRICAL CHURCH OF HUMANITY, and organize people like Jesus said to do, as family, as brothers, who care and share, and lets do it as one big organization with serious accounting and accountability and controls to prevent corruption and waste.


 For a much more detailed explanation of our plans, see -->   PLANS OF ACTION  





                                City doesnt fund anything.
                      Yearly cost to  tax payers = zero dollars
              Since city funds nothing, city has NO CONTROLS.