OUR GOALS : CONVINCE ALL counties, states and nations TO CONTRACT WITH OUR ORGANIZATION to solve their homeless problem by way of highly organized camp sites. Each camp site being meant to pursue various fund raising efforts to reduce and offset any INITIAL/YEARLY costs to the government.



1) We ask for permits to set up no less than 1562 advanced and managed tent camp locations across the county of LOS ANGLELES, each no less than 4000 square feet in area, on the sides of freeways, the rivers, in park corners, in under used parking lots, under power lines and anywhere there is safe space for such a 4000 sqft, 32 PERSON tent camp location.

2) We ask for 40 million dollars a year to fund the hiring of 1562 location managers to run each location. (1562 minimum wage workers = 30 million a year and 10 million to fund basic toilet services for 50,000 for the first few years.)
  It being understood that over time, each camp site should become self funding in as much as that becomes possible. (This being limited to the motivation of each unit location which can vary, leading to the need for regular segregation and renewal of living environments with mandatory self improvement parameters.)
  We can do the job without city funding and with permits alone, but such would not be a contract, and would leave the city without oversight controls and without any long term management influences, not to mention it will take an extremely long time, and is likely to fall very short, but as such has unlimited potential. 

3) WE SEEK TO START AND RUN many (1562) advanced tent camp locations under what can be considered highly disciplined standards and protocols, organized and lead by our leader and founder Mosheh Eesho Muhammad who will train all personnel to fill the roles as needed in daily life management (assisted living) for each of the 1562 locations.  (WE JUST NEED THE CITY TO COOPERATE in the forming and choosing of site locations as we will need 1562 to deal with the 50,000 homeless in Los Angeles county.) 
   The reality is there is a massive un-organized tent city right now on the streets of Los Angeles and it is a nightmare, and that is because all the people lack access to porto-potty toilets, an Address for Welfare, city water and a safe space with drainage to sponge bathe, not to mention help, work, and hope.
   WE BELIEVE WE CAN SOLVE THIS PROBLEM, RIGHT ON THE STREETS OF LOS ANGELES, BY WAY OF LARGE SCALE ORGANZING. Our leader Mosheh Eesho Muhammad says that if the city will grant him one police car, one police officer and a loud speaker, and allow him to stand on that police car and speak to the crowds of people on skid row, that proof positive would quickly be found in how willing the abundance of people are to step up and form this organization, lead this organization, build this organization and set up these camps, because doing so will in no uncertain terms, better everyone's lives and provide for them the opportunities which they are all lacking.

 Mosheh can make this happen. BET ON IT. 
 CALL ME ;   BUT be prepared to seriously talk about solutions.





1) Each location and the number of locations in any given area should be based on the present scale of the homeless problem in that area.
 32 homeless people = one 4000 sq ft camp site.
 3,200 = 100 camp sites. 
 32,000 = 1000 camp sites.
 50,000 = 1562.5 camp site locations.


2) Each 4000 sq foot area camp site being divided into use spaces, with 32 (10x10) individual tent spaces, allowing for an extra 300 sqft for porto potty toilets, and 500 sq ft for multiple uses such as tables, kitchen units and  general staging and organizing use. 



    IF GOVERNMENT COOPERATION IS FOUND BEYOND PERMITS, THEN 40 million dollars a year in LA COUNTY with it's 50,000 homeless people would work by placing it in a specific account to be used to employ designated workers to run management of the 1562 camp site locations and can then literally be the basis of ending all homelessness in LA county, BY OFFERING ALL HOMELESS PEOPLE A SAFE PLACE TO SLEEP. 
 FACTS ARE FACTS, and let us not deny or hide away from FACTS.



C) Los Angeles county has a budget of 28 BILLION a year.

D) 40 million a year is a drop in the bucket (To manage the camps)

E) Low cost PORTO-POTTY toilets can rent for around 150 a month for a basic unit, and we would need 3-4 per camp site location, with a basic estimated cost of 500 dollars a month per unit location to fund these toilets. 500x1562 = 781,000x12 =  $9,372,000  So for 40 million a year, we can feel confident that we can fund toilets for all 50,000 and 1562 unit location managers who report to the city.

F) The cost of use permits of under-used spaces is NEAR zero, HOWEVER creative help by the city in choosing the 1562 locations would be best.

G) The cost for use of city water could be very small, since we need only enough for bucket based sponge bathing, and drinking and cooking.

H) The cost for porto-pottys can be offset and paid for by fund raising over time, where ideally, each unit location would invest raised funds to improve the quality of their toilets from basic units by buying nicer fully functional expensive ones, which become permanent assets of the ORGANIZATION.

I) All costs to the city can be offset and eliminated, INCLUDING PAYING THE UNIT MANAGERS, except for funding the care of all the homeless WHO REFUSE TO WORK OR DO ANYTHING TO BETTER THEIR OWN LIVES, AND WHO DAILY NEED true assisted living and life management services. But this cost can be low, and over time made less than 30 million a year in providing care for the lazy, and care for the many hospice members who need significantly more help than one unit manager can provide. 
 It being understood that from the beginning some of the 50,000 homeless people will actually be dying when they sign up and come to live in these locations and as such are not capable of going out and working or doing much, but would be asked to do as they are able in return for our assisted living services until they die, because at some point we will all be dying, and if we are able we should be able to provide useful labor even from our death bed and as such maintain productive value all our life. This however being understood is generally not the case with the very old, and city funding to care for the vast number of mentally disabled people will be required to properly deal with the problem. YET if all the mentally able elderly peoples in hospice can be organized to some value and purpose then over time the cost for services for the completely disabled can be offset by the large number of dying yet still able member workers who donate their time and energy to fund the programs and keep them stable and without government funding.(when possible)



4) ORGANIZATION BUILDING :  Each unit location shall be run by A UNIT LOCATION MANAGER  which is either chosen by election or directly promoted by EMPIRICAL ORDER LEADERSHIP, having considered the potential candidates present at any given camp site location.
   The job of the UNIT LOCATION MANAGER is to watch over each location and care for it's assets such as toilets and communal kitchen items and equipment, and ensure that all members eat each day(presuming EBT welfare is provided), that they are not abused, that they have their basic needs and as such CANNOT DIE OF NEGLECT, and or otherwise also in many cases assist in setting up special service features (bathroom / shower) for their daily lives, and provide transportation to Hospitals as needed when needed. Fund raising being to serve to fund providing the shared vehicles and use assets to keep these 32 people alive and fed each day, AS WELL AS SAVE ALL GAINS to over time buy a more permanent location for those 32 to live.
   Ideally, it is intended that those recruited and tasked to lead daily life management goals for a tent camp location are considered as such a recruited member of "Humanity", and in doing so we hence forth consider ourselves as being just that, AN ORGANIZATION OF HUMANITY, and we provide detailed descriptions of this long term organization planning...  Here--->  CONSTITUTION



5)  FUNDING SYSTEMS :  Each camp site unit shall be run as a work camp, with fund raising goals and plans for expanding efforts over time.

There being SEVEN basic sources of funding which can be expected.
-Government funding.

-Charitable donations from other charity groups.


-Sales of wholesale goods.

-Day labor services, as individuals or as teams.

-Free market employment of camp site members, who then are asked to donate 50% of their income, and save the other 50% to ensure they have hope to rise out of any given camp site at the fastest rate.

-THE EMPIRICAL ORDER will over time invest raised funds for long term job development programs when and where applicable such as mining, energy development, manufacturing and production of many varied products.

  At first we buy Vans for each unit location to provide transportation services, and then we save and invest gains over time to fund helping cooperative members move out of the tent camps to make room for others by buying land and buildings owned by the EMPIRICAL ORDER.
   Raised funds, would when they exist, be used to pay the salary of THE UNIT LOCATION MANAGER (AND THUS REDUCE COSTS TO ANY COUNTY WHO FUNDS THESE CAMP LOCATION START UPS) who work as EMPIRICAL ORDER leadership to create accounts, save funds, and make plans for the long term destiny of the people involved at each UNIT location, both as individuals and as a team.
   CHOICE being the most important consideration, and that no one is forced to work or do anything THEY DO NOT WANT TO DO, period, however, having failed to work as a team player leaves one without the future rewards and gains to be manifested over time by all that work and labor. 
   Hence, over time as the workers move out of tent camps and on to better lives those who have refused to work may consider "doing so" after seeing how workers lives do get better.  And the organized (1562) camp sites serve the function of making that work possible. (Work as all manner of fund raising, solicitation, sales, labor and otherwise free market employment when possible.)


     WOULD MEAN.... quite literally, that should a resident of LOS ANGELES find themselves homeless for any reason whatsoever, they CAN KNOW WITH COMPLETE FAITH THAT THERE ARE 1562 tent camp locations where they can go (SOME FEMALE ONLY), to have a REASONABLY secure place to sleep and store their property while they daily attempt to repair their broken lives, so that they may save funds to return to normal working society.
   THE MOST IMPORTANT FACTOR BEING THAT SHOULD A PERSON BE UN-ABLE TO FIND FREE MARKET WORK, OR RISE OUT OF THESE CAMPS, THEY CAN BE SECURE IN JOINING THE BROTHERHOOD (EMPIRICAL ORDER), WHICH USES EFFICIENT COST EFFECTIVE TAX EXEMPT HOUSING SYSTEMS AND LIFE MANAGEMENT EFFORTS TO SOLVE FOR THEIR LIFE LONG PROBLEMS.     And it is these workers, who form AN ACTUAL ORGANIZATION which with modest funding from the government that can then provide the daily ASSISTED LIVING services to all the NON-WORKING homeless population of any given city and county, with tough love standards of motivation and team building.

CHURCH BUILDING : Ideally, along the way those who are adept towards religious studies would also be recruited and moved towards positions in future church location construction projects, as a secondary means to move people out of homeless tent camps and into viable work positions. ---->  EMPIRICAL CHURCH

HOUSING SYSTEMS are the OTHER option to CHURCH building as not everyone wants to live and work in a church or mosque or temple or any religiously dedicated work environments. Housing systems refers to large scale communal highly organized living and work camps (RUN BY THE CHURCH) which over time can transform due to constant investment of labors and raised capital into beautiful fully modern and self supportive living systems to include complete bio-dome environments. The goal being to terra-form un-usable desert lands into viable housing and farm land production units to house, feed and provide useful labors and gains for it's inhabitants. --> HOUSING SYSTEMS

THE TEMPORARY OPTION for those who only need temporary help, would include income management and controlled saving accounts for individuals so that if they are making money it can be saved and controlled until specific numbers are reached at which point the saving worker can use the saved funds to gain better housing, and leave the communal assisted living housing system. (Mandatory managed saving accounts for all temporary residents to make sure their income is never wasted and their rate of savings is maximized to make sure they can move out.)

LIVING IN THESE TENT CITY LOCATIONS would of course be rent free, and each person allotted a 10x10 space, and use of whatever assets the members at each location can muster, such as porto potty toilets, shower units, and or possibly kitchen equipment, and as soon as possible a viable address to apply for Welfare and all manner of qualified social services.
  PEOPLE living in tent camp locations are all expected to work to pursue fund raising goals to fund monthly costs, namely food costs, leading to a base minimum fund raising goal per unit member of $300/month just to survive. (This number being offset if the government will provide deserved and needed welfare funds.)
  PEOPLE living in tent camp locations who find outside employment would be asked to donate 50% of their monthly income to the TENT CAMP organization fund raising goals to offset their monthly food and material costs, and would under mandatory rules be forced to save the other 50% into secured savings accounts so that they may most quickly fund moving out of the camp site.(Unless they join the EMPIRICAL ORDER in which case their 50% is theirs to use or save as they see fit.)
  It being understood that long term EMPIRICAL ORDER / CHURCH members of each unit location would deliberately pool and organize their daily gains and efforts to fund the development and EXPANSION OF EACH TENT CAMP LOCATION INTO WHAT WOULD BECOME.. OVER TIME...  A CHURCH LOCATION, OR OTHERWISE, AN EMPIRICAL ORDER HOUSING SYSTEM. In other words, each tent camp location would have the potential to fund it's conversion from a 32 person camp site location into a 32 person building / shelter system over time, as each unit location raises the funds to purchase or build.




7) SEGREGATION is to be implemented openly, not based on race, or religion, or political views or sexual orientation, BUT ON BEHAVIOR, DAILY BEHAVIORS, such that if one is a "screamer" of obscene things, one will be asked to move to another location where "screamers" can be collected together and their common problem addressed and studied by them, and or otherwise allow social services easy and rapid access to people of particular types who have particular needs.
  It is to be understood, if one does not want to be classified as a "screamer", then the day they join should be the day they STOP "screaming"...   and if they cannot control their behaviors there is a reason and we can then address those who have real issues they cannot hide or control and those who can control themselves.
  It is in this way, that peoples problems reveal themselves and can be addressed by segregating them to go and live at tent camp locations with people who have similar problems, as this is the only way those members can do effective research and self psycho-analysis to study their own problems and have easy access to the governmental social services which might help them with their special (SPECIAL) NEEDS. IN THIS WAY BY SEGREATING PEOPLE INTO "LIKE" CAMPS, we can most effectively seek to help them with their personal problems or otherwise find accommodation for them as some form of laborer in our large scale charitable work camps development efforts. (THE EMPIRICAL ORDER)   
  People need a large scale super charity they can turn to, and go to, and we seek to build exactly that, so people can turn to such, and have help either returning to society as a normal worker, or have A SUPER LARGE FAMILIES HELP to work with their PERSONAL PROBLEMS for mutual survival.
  THOSE WHO REFUSE TO WORK OR HELP IN THE COMMUNAL EFFORTS, shall be left alone, and over time shall be forced to move to SEGREGATED tent camp locations which are designated for the LAZY, who refuse to work for their own future. TOUGH LOVE must be used at all times because we are all brothers and if our fellow brother is weak and pathetic he does not need our hand outs or a pat on the back,  HE NEEDS OUR LOVE, OUR FAITH, AND OUR WILLINGNESS TO DRAG HIM FROM THE GUTTER, TRAIN HIM... SCREAM AT HIM...   EDUCATE HIM...   INFORM HIM..  SHOW HIM..  MOTIVATE HIM.. OR HER...  TO BE ALL THEY CAN BE...  THEY ARE ONE OF GOD'S CHILDREN. THEY ARE A PIECE OF GOD.  AND THE ONLY REASON THEY ARE A LOST SOUL OR BUM, IS THEY DO NOT RECOGNISE THIS FACT. WE WILL SHOW THEM, TEACH THEM, AND FORCE THEM TO SEE THIS FACT, OVER TIME AS THAT IS OUR PURPOSE...   TO UNIFY THE PIECES OF GOD (you and me).




8) SELF IMPROVEMENT :  As the homeless peoples presence in these tent camp locations is voluntary, it would be mandatory that each member at each location get involved in various forms of self improvement programs, which of course considering the people in question would be low pressure, but over time, will take the form of constant never ending pressure to ensure people take on some form of life planning, and self improvement efforts over time so that their rise from homelessness can be made very real, or at the very least they can prove themselves as worthwhile assets to the TEAM ORGANIZATION WE ARE BUILDING, to make sure all who cannot find FREE MARKET employment can find life long security in the LIFE LONG ASSISTED LIVING SOCIAL SERVICE CHARTIBLE ORGANIZATION WE ARE BUILDING WE LITERALLY REFER TO AS ....  THE ORGANIZATION OF HUMANITY...  (Which by design is meant to adopt and care for all the homeless workers... (willing workers) our society has which it cannot find work for.)  ---- http://self improvement.empiricalchurch.organization/
 This literally means WEEKLY evaluations of each camp member by it's location manager or CHURCH LEADERSHIP PERSONEL, which will mean weekly meeting to discuss progress in all programs, from fund raising to self improvement projects.





  TO BE CLEAR, WE CAN EXPECT ALL MANNER OF PROBLEMS AND ISSUES, and to fail to foresee these would be folly. Since we are dealing with no less than 50,000 homeless persons with all manner of mental disorders and circumstances we can expect as many disorders and problematic issues as there are letters in the alphabet or worse, and to deal with it, we again discuss SEGREGATION to bring LIKE people together, and allow for detailed study and consideration by people who actually care. THESE ""LIKE"" CAMPS being run by their elected leaders to manage what can be considered daily dietary and herbal remedy experimentation GOALS to consider and test, over and over, various herbs, foods, and pharma drugs which might help and have effective value, however it being the members themselves who control their own diets and consumption of all things, and it is by daily treatment, experimentation and evidence that members are able to make up their own minds as to wether to try diet changes or drugs, or herbs, or anything which God has made available for their use and testing, BECAUSE IF THEY ARE LUCKY...  they will find some safe thing...  which solves their very real problems. 

In general we can expect to have NINE major areas of trouble : AGE, DRUGS, CRIME, VIOLENCE, DISABILITY, ABUSE, HEALTH STANDARDS, AND MENTAL PROBLEMS.


a) AGE : Many may be old, or have the minds of children.
         All that matters is attitude.  If they will work, and help, and can lead or at least follow then, as such, age does not matter AND THE ORG WE ARE BUILDING is meant to form itself not only from the parts that work, but from the parts that WILL WORK... DAILY.. OVER AND OVER, even if they barely work. 

b) DRUGS : Many may either be addicted to drugs or have habitual use patterns.
   Drugs are NOT to be ABUSED. And people with problems will be segregated to camps where they can get help controlling their addiction. (sober camps)
   ALCOHOL and POT : LEGAL DRUGS ARE ALSO A PROBLEM, Many are alcoholics, and many are pot heads, and can be difficult when they drink or smoke. Therefore a general use policy is--  "No public displays of consumption" and "It's not a problem until it becomes a problem.", meaning if a person has a consumption problem with a legal item, they may still risk segregation if they cannot control themselves and demonstrate A PUBLIC PROBLEM OR CAUSE PROBLEMS for others in their camp...   MEANING....   if they are alcoholics...  who cannot control themselves, they will over time be segregated to camp site locations for ALCOHOLICS.
    COCAINE, HERION, TOBACCO :  Being addictive substances with no legitimate use would be banned and persons with use problems would be segregated to sober locations, which ideally, are voluntary, funded by the state, and located in remote locations on the outskirts of the county.
    METH : While not addictive, it is a wide spread problem, and would be considered a problem for any persons who do not sleep, eat, shower and care for themselves, and otherwise show the side effects of sleep deprivation, who as such, show evidence of a problem and would be segregated as such.  
  The reality is, drugs and their use cannot be stopped as many are legal, therefore our focus is in developing discipline and strength in control and use for any who do use substances. Sober locations, remote locations, and with disciplined strength training and control limits on legal substances, members can daily effectively learn to live life free of drug abuse, or be segregated.


  (This would mean inner camp location council arbitration allowing for conflicts to be settled by means other than calling the police, IF at all possible.)

d) VIOLENCE : Many may have violent tendencies or have self control issues. and having no means to hide their BEHAVIOR they would be quickly identified and segregated to ANGER MANAGEMENT camp site locations for those who have problems.  It being for this reason that fighting is forbidden, and will result in segregation to locations where other FIGHTERS are to be found. And those fighters would be required to train for discipline and self control over their violent tendencies.

e) DISABILITY : Many are disabled, and where ever possible would benefit greatly by being segregated to special use camp site locations with government funding to provide the limited physical services to shower, use toilets and maintain healthy standards daily, and in some cases as they die.
  OVER TIME, our organization will be buying land and locations to build hospice homes for our members who are dying. Yet just because one is bed ridden, does not mean one cannot work, such that if one has the strength to play video games, then they have the strength to lend a hand doing computer desk top work.

f) ABUSE : Many have been abused, and are easily abused, and those WHO ABUSE will NOT be tolerated, and would face immediate segregation to locations where others of their type can be treated, be them, ABUSERS, ASSHOLES, JERKS, OFFENSIVE, OBSCENE, or otherwise a terror to other members.  They have a problem, and as such must be segregated to locations for their own benefit with others with the same problem.
 (It is segregation of like types, WHICH IS ESSENTIAL, to motivate, prevent, and ensure that any abuser, assholes and offensive obscene jerks quickly learn to behave themselves...  OR BE SEGREGATED and labeled as an asshole and worse forced to go live with other people just like them.)

g) HEALTH STANDARDS : Many are covered in filth, and have very bad habits of hygiene AND IT WOULD BE MANDATORY that all be daily involved in what will be deemed STANDARDS AND PROTOCOLS, meaning mandatory daily sponge bathing, odor control, washing their clothes, and the use of mirrors for grooming purposes. In short, HYDROGEN PEROXIDE 3% solution would be used liberally for all things cleaning (other than our bodies) from toilets to showering spaces to personal spaces and common areas. Daily cleaning of all shared use surfaces being mandatory with Hydrogen Peroxide without exception.

h) MENTAL ILLNESS : IT GOES WITHOUT SAYING that many have what others deem as mental illnesses, and while in some case they may be segregated for their own benefit or comfort and gain, in most cases ATTITUDE IS ALL THAT MATTERS, and people whom may have any number of issues, problems and odd behaviors ARE NOT TO BE SEGREGATED IF THEY ARE POSITIVE ATTITUDE WORKERS, meaning that WORKERS are not segregated to remove them from any location but only to place them in better and more functional work environments. In general it is expected that all members will have some form of mental illness or disability or problem of some kind regardless, and what is key, is attitude, and a willingness to self improve and work as a team player together with their fellow humans as one family. Those who refuse to self improve, and work, are as such to be segregated to non-worker camps.
  Put another way, a man with only one arm has great value if he will work, follow orders and agrees to help as he is able. While the man with 2 arms and 2 legs who refuses to work and help is basically worthless. This is a simple reality.




FREEDOM OF CHOICE must be allowed however if the choices are bizarre or odd and weird, individuals may be made to be SEGREGATED into "like" groups. IT BEING UNDERSTOOD that some cannot get past their greed and selfishness, and can collect as LIKE GROUPS and form their OWN mutual benefit corporations if they choose too, however in doing so would be quickly cut off from CHURCH LEADERSHIP and government funding and would be on their own. 

GOALS ARE TO BE SET AND SOUGHT AFTER by both the individual and teams, and each week each member is audited to check for progress in GOAL REACHING efforts, and when GOALS ARE NOT MET, LEADERSHIP would seek to help members MEET THEIR PERSONAL GOALS. (It being understood that many / most have little to no goals in life, and they are invited to join the EMPIRICAL ORDER and make serving God their goal.)

OVERSIGHT OF ACCOUNTING PRACTICES : To prevent fraud it is mandatory that a specific manner of record keeping be used, meaning each member keeps daily record of any funds they spend or get or give to their unit manager, and the unit manager makes matching but separate records with weekly audits of each location by UPPER MANAGEMENT to examine records of money exchanged, records of expenditures and disbursements, and allow FOR PRIVATE one on one conversations to reveal truths between UPPER MANAGEMENT and all members EACH WEEK. This weekly audit also serves as the basis for the conversation about each members SELF IMPROVEMENT EFFORTS and allows a weekly audit of that progression or lack there of, leading to potential actions by leadership.

CHURCH MANAGEMENT :  The EMPIRICAL CHURCH OF HUMANITY, AND IT'S EMPIRICAL ORDER under this capacity becomes what can be considered a trusted holding company for each tent camp location, servicing to hold funds raised from each camp location by whatever means possible over time. These funds being designated to serve the long term housing goals of the many members who do the fund raising to fund the buying and or construction. It is in this way that under all circumstances, no funds raised and held can be wasted or used to fund non-related projects.  Each tent camp location members would be free to gather with like minded people and allowed to move together into camp locations  so as to gather like minded people to work together on like minded goals, however lacking in these goals, members are all directed to build the EMPIRICAL ORDER. Each Empirical Order base location being centered around a general use EMPIRICAL CHURCH.




11)  OUR CAMPAIGN :  HELP US, pressure the city to adopt these plans.

THE REASON WE WISH TO WORK WITH THE CITY UNDER PERMITS (with funding) TO OPEN AND ORGANIZE A GREAT MANY TENT CITY LOCATIONS, is because we can get the job done so much faster with government funding, and in doing so build an organization which is BUDDY BUDDY with the local government in every way, and IF THAT FREINDLY cooperative ORG BUILDING process is rejected by the city, WE STILL HAVE PLANS TO build the churches, and the communes and the advanced housing systems but without any BUDDY BUDDY relationship with local government. (Which would be bad for government.)

 So in the interest of all parties we feel it is imperative that local government have a strong hand in ORG BUILDING so that always we have a close relationship based on solving a very real GOVERNMENT problem, a problem the government actually needs us to solve and as such should fund our very reasonable and efficient plans.