1) The only thing we CARE about is clear, serving the lord God by ending hunger, homelessness, and building a prosperous and expansive future for God's children, our species, into the galaxy as we know it.

2) To do it, and serve the lord God almighty we form this union of God's children, as brothers under the one God, being of any religion on Earth which can claim belief in the one creator as the actual source of energy in universal formation.  Can you do that??  Most people can. Yet even if they do not, the Churches we will be building are designed to allow for full discussion/debate of all the evidence in the sciences as well as scriptures, so each of us may believe many varied things, but what matters is having the calm peaceful discussions. 

3) THIS DOCUMENT, is a HOW TO guide, for anyone who has the NERVE to abandon greed, and adopt a path of serving the CREATOR, by leading an army of his children to once and for all overcome the stupid problems of human kind, and do so, DO SO, VERY CLEARLY...  WITHOUT HAVING TO ROB THE RICH, without having to tax the people, without having to force conversions, without having to force selfish people to do anything. 
  Family is based around, in the mind of the AVATAR GENERAL OF THE EMPIRICAL CHURCH OF HUMANITY, Mosheh Eesho Muhammad, the motto of the super hero which is best described by ROMANS 15:1    "We then that are strong aught to bear the infirmities of the weak, and not to please ourselves.".....   It means we do it because we can, and we actually care, and even if we don't, we know we should.

If YOU, YES YOU...  you..   reading this, YOU...  NOW...   YOU.. , do not actually care, then you should not read this document.

All over the world, people are screaming and dying, babies are starving, and women, mothers hold their dying babies unable to feed them, or keep them alive, and they live in cold open pits of cardboard, and trash, surrounded by feces and mounds of humans waste in over grown cities of waste and corruption, and every day, every night they scream, in pain and sorrow, all over the world, right now...  right NOW.......  Can you hear them?... just listen.. softly and quietly...   listen... you can hear them...  crying!.. screaming!...  begging.. for mercy..  hoping in despair, in sadness... endless sadness...  wishing... wishing... the STUPID  bastards who rule this shit hole world would solve these problems.....    WELL WE CAN SOLVE THESE PROBLEMS, BY WORKING TOGETHER, AS FAMILY, AS JESUS SAID TO DO...  WE SIMPLY NEED TO BE THAT FAMILY... ON A MASSIVE SCALE..  AND DOING SO, if you do the math proves to be completely cost effective, and allows for substantial growth if the members of this family maximized their work capacity for the common good, and for a common purpose of serving GOD, by serving the needs of his children, not by hand outs or by kissing butt, but by services to empower, educate and lift up by as large a crutch as is needed to help people overcome their GOD given challenges.  We are all family and should be acting that way.




INTRODUCTION:  Caring and sharing on a large scale.
PURPOSE AND GOALS: We build houses of God for God's children.
 OPTION ONE: Un-affiliated possibilities.
 OPTION TWO: Fully-affiliated branches.
 OPTION THREE: Government funded versions.
STANDARD STEPS: Nine basic steps.
BASIC EXPLINATIONS: Just do the math!!!
BASIC ACCOUNTING : First Seargent accounting.
METHODS OF FUND RAISING :  Solicitation, sales, labor, products over time.
STANDARDS AND PROTOCOLS: Quality of life = paper towels + H2O2 
SHORT TERM GOALS : Serious options are voted on by platoon and companies.
TASKING EACH GOAL: Organically cultivating leadership.
EXPANSION AND DEVELOPMENT : Long term step by step.
A COOPERATIVE GLOBAL UNION: The global network of the Godly.
LEADERSHIP: Training and potentials.
GAINS AND BENEFITS : Leadership has minor rewards.




BEFORE YOU STUDY THIS LONG TEXT, just ask yourself DO YOU actually care about the world enough to not rob your fellow man???  If so, then you have great potential. because your not a criminal piece of shit, and have immediate potential to lead many squads of people.  But if you know... KNOW..  you are a criminal piece of shit, you can choose to change, and use your strength and power as a dynamic human being to stop serving Satan, and turn to God, and redeem yourself, by your commitment to a life of serving God by helping his children, which is you and me, and everyone.  You simply have to choose, to serve the side of good, and you are automatically serving the side of God, whether you believe in God or not. Atheists, Agnostics, or whatever, are welcome, if they are simply open to a church(meeting place) which will allow for full open debate and discussion of all things about religion and science and evidence. Self declared Satanists in all forms will however never be welcome, for obvious reasons.
  BE ALL YOU CAN BE, IS THE  U.S. ARMY MOTTO,  and we agree with that, but being our best, means we find better ways of solving problems than fighting and having to kill each other.  We, are an army of LOVE, in service to God, by helping solve the problems of his children in very calm and peaceful ways, seriously peaceful ways.
  We all agree that we have no way to prove whether any one religion is true or false, and that all we can really agree on is the one God concept, as the one source of energy in creating the universe, and as such even Hindus, who are normally polytheist, can be found to say, they admit, that what they have called GODS, can be considered as COSMIC FORCE ASPECTS OF THE CREATIVE FORCE of the ONE GOD(concept) source of all creation, and it is simply that they get very detailed about it all, but can be joined into the one God concept and peace can be found amongst all the religious zealots who are stupidly killing each other. 
   Either way, we agree, we can not be sure, so we form a UNION based on common ideals and the best leadership we can find in the world, and low and behold it seems to be the LORD JESUS CHRIST, the son of God, who never sinned, or hurt anyone, or did anything wrong, but taught us to love each other. JESUS, is the ultimate role model for all humans to follow for he lead without sin or flaw, and did miracles of vast occult level power, God level powers, based on his faith in himself as connected to the one God, creator, and he left a legacy which said, WE ALL, we all, we all, have this power, if we can overcome our doubts and fears and accept the truth. EVEN MUHAMMAD SITES in the Koran the awesomeness of Jesus, and the truth of what Jesus taught and said, and that 'IT IS' Jesus who will return to judge us one future judgement day, and if that is so, I would think it best that we all generally be (IN GENERAL) Jesus followers, in general, as a kind of leadership thing, as it would probably make Jesus very comfortable when he shows up, instead of extremely angry. (Just because you favor one religion, doesnt mean you can't study others, and or accept the free gift of salvation Jesus gave us all.)

    This truth is so simple, that we dedicate each BRANCH CHURCH LOCATION, OR MOSQUE OR TEMPLE.....  with a THRONE, which is meant to be a throne literally for Jesus to sit in when he arrives to accept his lordship over the Earth, and all EMPIRICAL ORDER BASES OF OPERATION, AND EMPIRICAL CHURCHES, MOSQUES AND TEMPLES ETC, ARE TO BE BASED AROUND A CENTRAL THRONE, a unit of great excellence in honor of who will one day come to sit there.    Anyone may sit on the throne, but when doing so they should consider their limited comparison to the lord Jesus Christ, who in perfection will one day come back, to lead us all, and we all should take his advice, and learn and train and work to overcome our doubts and fears, and develop our power to fully recognize our power as God's children, because according to Jesus, we can move mountains, AND COMMAND TREES TO WALK, if we but have faith to believe in our ability to do so in oneness with god, OUR FATHER.  We, APPARENTLY...  are meant to use science to study the nature of reality and develop those powers to control the universe. (Unless maybe you got something more?)





1) As per this plan, the purpose, your purpose, when you adopt these goals, is to build houses of God, for who lives within these houses of God but God's children which includes all of  humanity and most specifically the few who build and run them.  (That means you, and the recruited members.)
  Within this context, we build desert terraforming religious communes and EMPIRICAL CHURCHES (Or Mosques, or Temples, etc), each of which would locally house no less than (24) twenty four individuals. Room for twelve workers to run the church operations, and extra space for twelve more people in need, which is meant to be temporary. The Desert terraforming communes having no limit in population or job taskings and is meant to offset the limits of limited church locations.

2) These churches serve multiple purposes as described at the main web site....     ---
  SUCH AS :  Open religious services for all world religions on different days of the week, a large science based library, a large work shop and laboratory spaces, large scale storage of emergency supplies for RAPTURE survival and social services to include temporary housing, training, and educational job services as well as any and all forms of charity. (This is the point to address to the public.)

3) These churches are built by recruited platoons tasked to the goal of fund raising and work efforts to fund it's construction, having the reward incentive of being a life long home, and job source for all the recruited members who worked to build it, and run it. One platoon being 20-32 recruits. (Recruits have the choice of staying for life to run a branch EMPIRICAL Church, or can move into the larger Global EMPIRICAL ORDER communes, we call the Brotherhood.)
4) Collective asset management by the EMPIRICAL ORDER over all branch churches it builds, leads to large scale communal housing systems allowing for large scale expansion in the long term, as well as serious asset security and potential for each member, and branch locations. Using the many church profits to fund building MEGA - church commune locations outside the cities on huge tracks of land for farming, industry and all manner of efforts which are beyond the physical limitations of any one local community church location.  
  PUT SIMPLY: We build churches, and Temples, Mosques etc, and all the gains over time funds the EMPIRICAL ORDER, which is an army of LOVE, dedicated to building and training people to run self sufficient communal housing systems as churches and communes and following a long term plan for our peoples development under EMPIRICAL guidelines. 





1) One can open a UN-affiliated EMPIRICAL Church, or Mosque, or Temple, or Religious Center.

2) One can open a FULLY AFFILIATED EMPIRICAL CHURCH, or Mosque, or Temple, or Religious Center.

3) One can attempt to open a EMPIRICAL ORDER base of operations with the help of your city. (If that is possible to get.)


   If you choose to open an UN-affiliated EMPIRICAL anything, then you, ARE ON YOUR OWN, basically, and will have to file your own corporation or organization, develop your own articles, open your own accounts, build your own web sites, and otherwise file with the government in every way ON YOUR OWN, without management help from the Empirical Church, or Empirical Order, and good luck. (Unless you are friends with Mosheh, as he can easily teach you how.)  However, if you have the ability, feel free to adopt this template for your own organization, for as long as those in management do not waste or steal the money, then this type of disciplined organization can work anywhere, with any leaders who are not corrupt.
 (By not corrupt, we mean everyone is paid NO MORE THAN minimum wage in their nation, salaried at 40 hours a week, and 50% of that minimum wage must be donated back to the organization as a gift of love. All employees must live in CHURCH provided housing, and live within communal standards of the EMPIRICAL ORDER living systems, which means you have no bills whatsoever. Do this, and live this way in running any UN-affiliated organization, and there would be no crime. But pay yourself well, and use it to fund your own home and luxury, then, you are a corrupt piece of crap, and should be punished.)  



   If you choose to open a FULLY AFFILIATED EMPIRICAL CHURCH BRANCH, then you will be immediately provided with specific things of need and of help, from your brothers in the EMPIRICAL ORDER, as lead by the Empirical Church of Humanity.
   1) A PLATOON based bank account,(or help to get one) so you can make deposits.
   2) A web site sub-domain with full donation features.
   3) Accounting services and management training.
   4) Daily communication with leadership personnel.
   5) Access to print materials for mass distribution.
   6) The potential for cooperation between groups.(NETWORK)
   7) The potential for financial support from the ORDER.
   8) The potential for TOTAL DIRECT PHYSICAL intervention into everything your doing, by either asking for, or forcing COMMANDERS to TRAVEL and go there to your location. (And directly train you, by yelling at you.)
   9) The potential for endless training.
   10) The benefits of pre-planning and motivational tools.
   11) The enjoyment of leadership, having purpose, and having meaning for your life, each of us, IN SERVICE TO THE CREATOR. 
   12) The use of shared asset management such as vehicles.
   13) The respect of all fellow humans by leading a cause worth leading, and building something each community actually needs and will appreciate.
   14) The potential for a meager salary, once labors are organized well enough to justify paying such for an individuals(your) daily efforts.





   As you choose, you may attempt to work with the city and open a modified form of organization, which can be modeled in many ways.  (This would require city funding, which is hard to get, but is not impossible and will require a cleaver plan to apply pressure on politicians and the media.)
 This PLAN OF ACTION, does not presently include details considering the CITY ASSISTED OPTION, since once the city provides funds it will seek oversight and potentially any number of options.
  However, the general plan to be laid out to any city is simple and clear enough, and simply must be implemented by competent people who are dedicated, committed and trustworthy. (Who will accept minimum wage, and live in the communes.)

   a) Establish a new TENT CITY (commune) of the homeless within a city, and allow the local branch EMPIRICAL CHURCH members to run it.
   b) Establish organized fund raising and work efforts from the combined labor force of the members of the TENT CITY, and quickly kick out those not interested in work. (But they can re-apply if they are willing to work.)

   c) Establish day to day work, and training systems to move people into gainful positions of some kind or otherwise pressure and motivate and simplify their effort to seek gainful employment in the open job market, or otherwise create jobs by creative resource management.

   d) Establish large scale communal housing, food, and operational logistics to allow large numbers of people to live with modest comforts, with decent food and housing by means of collective purchasing at bulk most items and eliminating much of the waste and costs normally experienced as individuals. (The market is designed to charge the maximum to individuals, but in bulk can be very cost effective.)

   e) These TENT CITIES, would ideally have abundant local government oversight, to be managed without corruption, and limited and focused on it's purpose and goals. which can then evolve at the blessing of the community and city council.
    But...THE REALITY IS that once we start building churches and helping to fund building others, that there will be no need for the city to get involved, or have any say whatsoever. (tHE GOVERNMENT, IS NOT INTERESTED IN SERVING GOD.)
    However, should any local city choose to entrust our management personnel with vast sums of money, we could simply apply our tough love approach toward solution by showing family, being family, and caring as family for all who can say the same.    Therefore in a general sense, this over all PLAN OF ACTION, can be applied immediately on a city wide large scale if the city would be willing to fund it's fundamentals like food, toilets, water, and abundant spaces for housing and organizing.

  If they will not give us barrels of money, then they need to stay out of our way.




STANDARD STEPS :  If you have managed to read this far, congratulations because it means you have the potential to be a leader in the EMPIRICAL ORDER, as such you may now follow the following NINE steps to get started.

  1) Contact Mosheh : Discuss options. 1-818-397-1352
  2) Receive formatted pamphlet material, begin fund raising.
  3) Schedule a meeting at a local Bank to access / open accounts.
  4) Recruit several platoons following this PLAN OF ACTION. 
  5) Follow exacting procedures for record keeping.
  6) Limit over all spending to 50% of daily revenue.
  7) Invest funds into vehicles, land lots, and buildings as permitted.
  8) Build a foundation for a church lot construction site, or buy a building.
  9) Build and run your church and fund the EMPIRICAL ORDER.

(Remember, when I write CHURCH, it could also be a Mosque or Temple etc...





   1) You, would begin by doing what you can, solicitation, which you will recruit others to do. (You must be willing to do, what you train others to do.) As you walk across any given city, you will meet those in need (homeless, or desperately poor), in groups or otherwise, and you literally say, 

"Hello, can I ask you a few questions?"..  
If they say yes, then you ask...
 "Do you believe in God?" 
If the answer is yes, you ask "Do you agree that all humans are God's children?" 
If the answer is yes, you ask "And would you be willing to work for God?"

If they say No, then you say...

If however their answer is YES, then you may discuss the over all plan, of uniting as organized family units, called platoons, dedicated to fund the building a RELIGIOUS HOUSE OF GOD, they as God's children, as platoons can live IN and work AT.  THIS DOCUMENT, IS ABOUT DOING THAT.

    THE PLAN IS SIMPLE :   WE ACCEPT THAT WE ARE ALL FAMILY, SO WE ORGANIZE AS FAMILY, AND BEGIN WORK PLAN EFFORTS TO RAISE MONEY, TO BUILD HOUSES OF GOD, CHURCHES, TEMPLES, THAT WE WILL LIVE IN, AND PROVIDE GODLY SERVICES TO THE PEOPLE IN EACH COMMUNITY.  This will mean a long term home, and an actual career type of job for those who pursue it, and want it, with the option to move into large EMPIRICAL ORDER COMMUNES, if the individual desires such.
   The religious organization you will be joining, is multi-faith, meaning whatever your religion is today, is fine, and each member will never be required to change their religion, or convert in anyway, other than accepting God as our creator, and learning the foundations of science and actual evidence.  And as a religious organization, will never require it's members to do anything weird, like drinking Kool aide, or anything which is odd in anyway. (We are in no rush to meet God, and wish to live long and serve long before we come close to meeting the creator. However, we are into survival, and expansion into the stars.)

2) You, would begin by training each recruit to solicit with the same gusto as you do, on a daily basis, meaning aggressive tactics combined with over the top kindness, godliness, and compassion for others even when they do not give. Aggressive tactics, means being very mobile, getting as many people as possible to read the signs per minute, and making it as easy as physically possible for kind people to make a donation and receive a pamphlet. Solicitation is the one job anyone can do when there is otherwise nothing else to do, and serves the purpose of distribution of pamphlets and the raising of funds directly to help the solicitor who is in fact a person in desperate need.

     a) Each solicitor will wear a sign, with big bold letters, saying "HELP CHANGE THE WORLD, END HUNGER AND HOMELESSNESS"... Or some such text, with very large letters, so everyone can read it clearly. THE SIGN IS IMPORTANT, AS IT'S DESIGN WILL BE REMEMBERED AND WILL LET THE PUBLIC KNOW, OVER TIME, THAT THOSE WITH THIS SIGN, REPRESENT this kind of group, who will build churches with all the extra money, besides what is needed for them to eat and survive each day.  Platoons should settle on and make their own signs, test different signs, and be professional about raising money to serve God.

     b) Each solicitor must hand out tiny pamphlets costing the organization no more than one cent per copy (US), as double sided copies in black and white can cost as little as 4 cents a copy if purchased in bulk, and each piece of paper cut into 12 or 16 pieces with small texts to educate the public to the cause and purpose, with web site links, contact info, etc, to be generally handed only to those who show the slightest interest and may donate, and which leads people directly to the web site for online donations as well as online recruitment of people in general. (Templates for these pamphlets will be provided.)

     c) The Platoons are designed along military standards of order, with each recruit starting as a PRIVATE, who may stay that way for life, or can take on more responsibility to the platoon and company and rise in rank over time. Rising in rank never increases ones pay or chances for a salary but over time designates the maximum size of their allotted housing size in the EMPIRICAL ORDER.

     d) YOUR goals as FIRST SEARGENT (YOUR immediate rank if you adopt THIS PLAN OF ACTION...), is to grow and form the platoons of recruited personnel who will dedicate themselves to work to provide for their own future, by building churches which then becomes that future in service to God. YOU START BY FORMING ONE PLATOON of up to 32 people, and develop from that group potential leaders to promote to SEARGENT positions to expand 32 into 320 (ten platoons), and as a group begin serious investment plans to build no less than 10 church locations.

     e) The reason any one BRANCH CHURCH organization will glady give 50% to the EMPIRICAL CHURCH OF HUMANITY, is because they know it serves to fund THE EMPIRICAL ORDER, which is in the business of growing churches such as yours, as well as offering long term support to church branches which may fail for whatever reason. (The 50% is saved, as a back up for all branches, who may fail for whatever reason, such as platoon desertion.)

     f) The reason your church branch (once built) will always give 50% of it's yearly income to the EMPIRICAL ORDER is because you EACH (person) know that you as a member can join directly the EMPIRICAL ORDER, that works to build more EMPIRICAL churches all across the world, as well as running endless industrial efforts, and pursuing endless aspects of self improvement and training, to be all we can be, as individuals and as a species. And it will always invest and support it's branches, and trustworthy leaders. And because you know all leadership personnel from top to bottom, make no more than minimum wage, with 50% donated back, so you can have faith the money is never wasted.  Or put another way, all members who may not wish to stay and live in the many churches they help build, can move into and run massive communal housing systems outside the large cities, offering endless potentials for industrial, religious and artistic expression to be worked towards in service to God. So, just because you help build churches, doesnt mean you are stuck there, which is why we also build EMPIRICAL ORDER communes which will be awesome.

   g)  You will over time, re-direct all work force labor personnel into other avenues of labor as they become available and possible, so members can do something other than solicitation each day. (Each church, would run multiple service training businesses out of it's back door, AND MUST FOCUS ON DOING THIS, once they actually have a back door.)

   h) But for the first many weeks, maybe months, you should expect to lead your platoons into daily efforts of gaining public support, and raising as much as possible by large scale SOLICITATION programs as widely as possible, but over time start many various labor based businesses and Work programs as imaginable.  Massive solicitation, and inviting people to get involved at all levels, especially the wealthy who wish to help serve the creator, by helping the creators children. 
   The solicitation, funds the ability for the group to do other things over time, but most especially at first allows such a group to feed itself, and save money in a bank to use to buy land, and keep on buying over time.  Buy land, control the land, and let our brothers and sisters live side by side as family, is a very simple plan, but to make sure it works, we form a disciplined leadership core of ranking personnel to be able to serve God most effectively. AND WE USE DETAILED ACCOUNTING PRACTICES, to prevent ourselves and others from fraud and corruption and stealing the churches raised potential funds.
   CORRUPTION WILL NOT BE TOLERATED, and I would fear to be the man who took on leadership and trust of a small army of mentally unstable ex-homeless people, and then robbed those mentally un-stable ex-homeless people of their future potential home in service to god, by somehow taking all the money.  I would have no pity for what might happen to such a man. 

3) This is not about fighting the government in anyway, or fighting anyone really, it is just about organizing for common good, and working together as family as all religions say we should, and as such we must build such an organization with people who are willing to live modestly and accept meager salaries. With that, it then becomes a very real possibility that we can not only solve for homelessness but for poverty in general and work towards a very serious and prosperous future. We in fact encourage the government to give us as much money as they wish.       
   It is in the end all about corruption, and as long as we are the least corrupt  organization on Earth, then we will have no problems with the governments of any country, because by our large scale family values system WE will very quickly solve their large scale problems, and form a foundation for a FREE MARKET SUPPORTIVE large scale service system to prevent the need for large scale government intervention into vast poverty aspects of society. As such by design this organization is meant to max out in membership when a given nation is free of homelessness, and can then turn it's work potential towards expansion into all other nations.






On AVERAGE,  MOST SOLICITORS, SAY, they can raise anywhere from 50 to 100 a day if they worked hard, and tried hard to raise those charitable funds.
If we take an example of groups of people, 32 people and 320 people.

First : If we presume it costs no less than 5 dollars a day in bulk food costs per person, then    5 x 30 days = 150 x 32 people = 4800 dollars a month per platoon as best case.

Second : Dividing the 32 into squads of 4, we get 8 squads, which if roomed in groups of 4 could be housed in average hotel rooms for about 100 a day/room = 800 a day = about 5600 a week worst case which is about 16,000 ->22,000+5000 = 21,000 ->27,000 a month maximum expectation on housing and feeding these 32 per month. Which shows the importance of getting a weekly hotel rate to save costs, and combining food costs to reduce waste.

    a) 32 people, doing just basic solicitation, may EACH raise say 100 dollars a day, and alone they could just barely survive, but, TOGETHER the 32 people would raise, 32 x 100 = 3200 a day, with working 5 days a week, they would raise 16,000 a week, and 64,000 a month. 
  Yielding still 64,000 - 27,000 (worst case)= 36,000 -> 44,000 a month saved potential to invest into property over time.  THE MATH IS SIMPLE, any given platoon, if they combined their gains, and shared the costs, they could easily buy food at bulk, and pay rent on temporary hotel rooms, and eventually buy any good sized property which could house the 32 platoon members and form the foundations for a church.

    b)  But let us say, just 50 dollars a day each person.  Then if we had 32 people, 32 x 50 = 1600 a day, 8000 a week, 32,000 a month.  
    leaving about 27,000 dollars a month to be used for housing. 32,000 - 27,000 for 8 hotel rooms for 4 each, leaves only 5,000 a month into savings. 

 As can be seen, at 50 per day, the unit gain per day/week is barely above the level needed for basic funding, and therefore must be considered as a failure, and a goal of 100 a day sought after as a daily norm in order to ensure productive growth within one year.

(32 x 50 dollars a day)  5000 ->11,000/ month x 12 months = 60,000->132,000 a year 
(32 x 100 dollars a day) 36,000->44,000/month x 12 months = 432,000->528,000 a year 
  DOING THE BASIC MATH shows that any given platoon, after expenses while traveling can and should be able to fund land for staging the acquirement of better land over the next many years to follow, and any such group can have every expectation of meeting all of it's goals if it can just survive together to do so and maintain productive numbers above 50 a day each on average, five days a week.

   c)  lets us presume 320 people, 10 platoons of 32, ONE COMPANY.

 320 x 100 = 32,000 a day x 20 days of work = 640,000 / month
 320 x 50  = 16,000 a day x 20 days of work = 320,000 / month

 320 x 100 = up To 5,280,000 a year  AFTER EXPENSES.
 320 x 50 = up to 1,320,000 a year  AFTER EXPENSES.

 We could buy Square miles of land, LARGE HOTELS, apartment buildings, or build custom structures to serve as CHURCHES, and communal housing systems. And we can have every expectation of being able to make large moves and make huge investments each year for each COMPANY of 320 which can be recruited.

          d) Fact is, presuming 50 dollars a day is based on people who only work half ASS, and who barely try each day, such that if we presume up to 100 a DAY, then it becomes much more than just possible, it become highly profitable and would allow any group to raise enough funds to house themselves easily, and comfortably.   It would be possible for any group of 32 or more people to easily fund the construction of anything they choose. (like A Church, which is our goal.)

         e) However, and this is important, if any group chooses to raise such funds in this way, UNLESS THEY ARE A RELIGIOUS ORGANIZATION, A CHARITY OR A NON-PROFIT ORG IN SOME WAY, THEY will be considered a MUTUAL BENEFIT CORPORATION, and subject to serious taxation, which would make success a distant dream.
   IT IS ONLY BY, adopting modest living standards, without excess salaries, and excess luxuries, that such an ORG, can claim to be a TAX EMEMPT ORGANIZATION, and be allowed to pursue it's work.    Which is why, to succeed and solve the problem the members must unite for religious cause, for charitable purpose, and for serving their fellow mankind, if not immediately then over time, as a serious consistent goal, and as long as all recruited members are people in need (homeless) then the state can make no claim of fraud, or corruption, and prevent our successful rise as an organization, even as we buy up vast tracts of land, and buildings, as long as we stay true to the cause, the purpose, the religious foundations of showing love to other people in need. (IT IS OUR RELIGIOUS PURPOSE.)
  In other words, by this method, any group will raise much more funds than they need to survive as such, so to BE LEGIT and avoid prosecution, THE GROUP MUST be dedicated to KEEPING DETAILED RECORDS, AND working for GROWTH AND EXPANSION, WHICH MEANS... helping other people, helping more homeless people, and recruiting only people in need.  Such that 100 people, becomes 200, and 200 becomes 1000, and 1000 becomes 10,000 and 10,000 becomes 100,000 and 100,000 becomes 3 million, and homelessness is no longer a problem in the USA.
  If you adopt the principles of godliness put forth here, in service to God, and his children, then there is no legal problem, and each member can grow in the organization as it expands to whatever level of ability they choose to pursue.

  THIS is key, the math, because once anyone does the math, they see how easy it would be...  IF THEY COULD TRUST THE PEOPLE HOLDING THE MONEY.
  TRUST, IS THEN THE MOST IMPORTANT THING WE MUST HAVE, and leaders who break that trust, will be subject to the anger of their many recruits, and all members world wide. 

     f) The money, RAISED PER PLATOON would be put into a special church account for each platoon and or company of platoons who organize together, and protocols will be set up to ensure FIRST SEARGENTS who run the accounting for platoons are watched, spending is watched and tracked, and corruption is met in every way with safe guards to make it as difficult as possible for any leader to become corrupt.  (These safe guards are discussed bellow.)

    g) And as anyone with brains can see, that many people of the 3 million presently homeless, will not want to live in and run local community churches, which is why we build the more awesome large scale communal living centers, which will be about as industrious as possible offering each member every option they themselves can imagine as a form of work and daily labor. This is why the EMPIRICAL churches and mosques, temples etc, will all gladly fund the EMPIRICAL ORDER with 50% of their gains, because the order keeps not only those branches viable with workers, training and back up funds, but takes off their hands all the people in need who need help and training but are not fit to be directly employed by the local community church locations.




BASIC ACCOUNTING : First Seargent accounting.

As FIRST SEARGENT, you will be required to follow the specific job description standards and protocols for that position and do daily accounting work.
  1) You train and empower many Seargents to run each platoon. 
  2) You give that Seargent a written procedure to follow.
  3) You daily Receive receipts and the platoon gains from each Seargent.
  4) You make daily deposits, and check the spending receipts of each platoon.
  5) You collect records and present weekly results sheets to your commander.
  6) You accept the training protocol to become a lieutenant, and run the full daily logistics of each platoon, meaning you get deeply involved in all spending and fund raising of each platoon, and directly engage each trooper one on one to ensure cohesion and cooperation with the core goals and purpose, and daily make speeches to re-enforce the reason why everyone works so hard each day.
  7) This training to run the logistical needs of many platoons at the same time, will prepare you, as FIRST SEARGENT, to run multiple branch CHURCH locations, or large communal centers, as a lieutenant to keep the troops supplied with what they need to survive the riggers of daily living.   A very important job.

 The procedure and protocols for SEARGENTS TO FOLLOW IS VERY SIMPLE :

..... Each day, a platoon SEARGENT collects three things from each recruit, money raised, any store receipts for justifiable needed goods such as food and water, and a copy of a receipt slip as small slices of paper (1 inch x 3 inches) signed by the solicitor showing THE DATE, and how much they raised and gave to the SEARGENT (Total cash+receipts) (Each member, keeps a private NOTEBOOK ALSO, a daily record of all funds raised and donated, and will report each week to his First Seargent to confirm the accounting of each Seargent given.)
..... Each day, a platoon Seargent hands over donated funds to the FIRST SEARGENT, as well as each troopers daily slips. (slip is filled out by each member, showing how much they hand over to each SEARGENT, the date, and their signature(a good one)) The platoon Seargent ALSO KEEPS A RECORD BOOK, with a daily record of what each recruit raised and delivered to him, the date, and a daily total to be confirmed and signed by the FIRST SEARGENT who collects the slips, does the math in his own note book, and signs both books. The platoon SEARGENT will also sign the FIRST SEARGENTS book, to confirm he wrote down the same daily totals number.  
....  The FIRST SEARGENT, keeps these slips as a record, and finds secure storage for them until sent to command in bulk for long term storage.
.....  Each day, the First Seargent deposits these funds into their branch bank account. EMPIRICAL ORDER PERSONEL will then remove the 50% per unit deposit into a separate account, which has oversight of upper ranking management as a safe guard to prevent the spending of long saved funds on stupid ideas, ventures or bad investments and otherwise prevent it's theft by requiring ranking personnel to certify the release of large funds to clearly identifiable people in the form of bank checks to ensure funds are traceable and accounted for. The FIRST SEARGENT can then immediately account for what 50% is left over per unit deposit to be spent on the daily needs of each platoon and have immediate use of it by bank cards, and daily petty cash withdrawals to be accounted for by receipts. (No major cash withdrawals, ever.)
...... The FIRST SEARGENT keeps daily and weekly records of all funds by platoon, raised and spent, with receipts, and records in a separate notebook a copy of the personal records of each member note book records, via a private discussion with each platoon members each week, to ensure their Seargent does not alter any records and turns in all funds. (fact checking) (These books as they pile up are sent to upper ranking management for long term storage.)
..... The FIRST SEARGENT, uses a debit card, to fund all major purchases for the platoons, such as bulk food and other items each platoon may need. Or otherwise provides a very clear, and dated set of receipts for all daily purchases with cash. (To be legit, an organization, must keep detailed track of every penny raised, and how it is spent, and that means receipts.)
..... Any funds raised, and not accounted with clear receipts, will be considered a sign of corruption.   Corruption means, SOMEONE GETS FIRED OR GOES TO JAIL.

.....  Any SEARGENT, who cannot handle receipts, and follow procedures, must be immediately replaced by another in each platoon who can, or otherwise, the FIRST SEARGENT must be prepared to serve as platoon seargent for multiple platoons until one can be elected to be trusted to relieve the FIRST SEARGENT of that position in each platoon. (Which means being trained to keep records)

....... You as FIRST SEARGENT, must train and lead SEARGENTS to lead these platoons because you, as one man cannot be at all places at one time, and SEARGENTS are needed to lead in your absence AND FORM THE BASIS FOR THE CHAIN OF COMMAND.
  THE election of SEARGENTS, should be an organic thing based on the feelings of the platoon members and their knowing each other, and whom they may choose to trust with running the daily accounting.  (SEARGENTS are elected by popular vote of each platoon, and can be changed out if that trust is lost.)

....... Oversight of all Companies and platoons is done by Captains, who are elected and promoted from the ranks of First Seargents to run accounting and fact checking on all lower ranking personnel. 




1) Solicitation, on public streets, with permits.
2) Solicitation, door to door, with permits.
3) The large scale handing out of pamphlets, by solicitors to vast numbers of the public directing them to the web site where they can donate to the EMPIRICAL ORDER, or, can directly fund any specific branch in any specific city.
4) Solicitation of business owners, and managers to consider making regular tax deductible donations to our organization, which will in time serve their local community by building a church as described.
5) Start simple labor based businesses once some seed money is available for it. Such as door to door sales, flower sales, day labor, or just about anything else the members of any given branch can imagine doing, which adds up, and makes sense and can be proven with math to be worth doing.

THE REALITY IS, to get started LEGALLY, you as FIRST SEARGENT, must contact the Avatar General, so that he may work with you, to research your local city and county laws so that you can begin immediate expansion procedures and recruit members with confidence. And in many cases, it may require an initial investment to get a business licence or some such permission slip from the local government to begin operations, for which the EMPIRICAL ORDER, may or may not be able to provide funding for. (put simply, as it begins it has no money, but once it has started and has seed funds, it can begin to fund and offer such assistance to expand and begin more efforts (the growing process.))

 The key aspect of solicitation is to use signs to quickly express meaning and purpose to people, and to hand out pamphlets, who can get people talking and engaged, because if they are willing to take the pamphlets it usually means they may donate some small sum.  In sales, they use the term, KISS, which means, to KEEP IT SHORT AND SIMPLE.....   as few words as possible, with a focus on the appeal and how it will be spent, to get the dollar, after which you should answer as many questions as they may have, but if they do not give the dollar, then they are not likely to ask questions, and if they do, you respond with another appeal for a dollar, included in the answers you give... such, as... "Yes, we follow Jesus, so how about that Dollar?"...  "Yes, we respect Muhammad, so how about that dollar?"...   "Yes, we will be open to study all things, so how about that dollar??"
  Each solicitor, would be free to direct all interested people with difficult questions to contact YOUR GREAT LEADER, via the web site, as can be found on the pamphlet you just handed them.   He will answer all your questions. As often people will ask endless difficult questions recruits will not be able to answer unless they dedicate themselves to study each day, so they can represent and explain all things.  Recruits are not expected to do so, and can always direct the public towards their leadership who's job it is to engage the public with any and all difficult questions and issues.
  It also, does not hurt to ham things up a bit, NOT LIE, but express things in positive ways, such as saying, GREAT LEADER, instead of just leader, as doing so, sets forth a belief in the mind of the public that you, at least think highly of your own organization.  Verses saying something like..  "Yeah you can contact our overlord, asshole commander, if you want."....   which would totally give the impression that you hate the organization and it's leaders.  This kind of direct public impression is important, and it is important that we train and cultivate a positive expression from all solicitors, as key to growing public support, because no one will support a group that hates itself.
  Many recruits, will have issues, and attitude problems, and this type of job training exercise to act positive, is a very good daily practice for people who may eventually seek free world employment again.  Attitude matters, even if your faking it, it shows self control, and an ability to choose to be extremely positive




STANDARDS AND PROTOCOLS: Quality of life = ROOMS, teams, paper towels + H2O2

 STANDARDS MEAN : Holding the highest standards in cleanliness for our food supply, water and common use areas and items (sterilization with H2O2 and paper towels.) It also refers to the STANDARD OPERATING PROCEDURE WHICH IS The 50/50 plan, which means spending cannot exceed 50% of the raised funds per unit of time, and that the ability of any one platoon to fund it's present comforts and rise from the gutter is dependant on their mutual and on average commitment to raise those funds. 
 It is simply a question of costs, because EACH RECRUIT IS LITERALLY A DISCIPLE MEMBER of the church, and is not only in training but is also traveling between homes, that they can legally be allotted funds for housing and food per unit day, BUT ONLY IF IT IS COST EFFECTIVE TO DO SO.
   COST EFFECTIVENESS improves with members teaming up, in twos and even fours, as many as any given HOTEL or MOTEL will allow our organization to put in a room. This then determines if it is possible to put these recruits into these rooms. Meaning that if they produce as small squad teams more than double their costs per unit day or week, then it becomes reasonable to fund them to the legal limit in housing and food, but with requirements for complete receipts for all spent funds to be used in accounting. Any funds raised and used which is not properly accounted for with receipts must be considered as SALARY for whom ever spent it, and as such is liable for taxation per year on it, and LEADERSHIP will not allow corruption, criminality or just bad accounting to bring down this organization and every penny must be tracked and accounted for in some way, one way or another. (Or otherwise, some member must get the tax bill.)
   The FIRST SEARGENT would negotiate with all local hotels for the best rates possible, and for possible showers use rates for entire platoons per day using just one room.
  Ideally to meet the standards of Hotel and Motel housing, each unit team squad of 2 or 3 or 4 members, must be capable of producing on average DOUBLE IT'S COSTS per day (cost(US) per room for 4, and food and misc.......), as being consistent with the 50/50 plan, which then allows that platoon and it's squads, and teams to be able to meet it's investment goals to build the houses of God (By actually raising and saving money.), for which this army exists and works so hard for. Therefore all Hotel based member operatives will IN TIME, BE FORCED TO LEAVE THE HOTEL SYSTEM, and move into trailers and MotorHome based housing placed on Church property, for organizing the construction of the church and future housing system it includes. Only solicitors who can be considered as SPECIALISTS, WHO SHOW INCREDIBLE NUMBERS, would be allowed to continue as Hotel based for any long term.

  LOWER STANDARDS would unfortunately have to be applied to units, teams and platoons who's funding is below the threshold to afford putting them in hotels. However, by not wasting money for Hotel rooms, such Platoons would be able to save at potentially double the rate of any Hotel housing based platoons and can immediately invest it's raised funds. Lower standards, simply means members team up into squads and sleep together for security, and save every penny to be immediately spent on BUYING VANS, TRAILERS AND MOTORHOMES, MANY OF WHICH CAN SLEEP 6, and has a kitchen and BATHROOM, which when shared would immediately raise the standards for any platoon, such that it is just a question of how long it takes to fund the MOTORHOME.  Recent research shows many 6 sleepers for 3000-5000 dollars all over the nation (usa), which any platoon could raise in a few weeks, which means in a few months or so, basic housing could be found, needing only the purchase of land to put the many motor homes and trailers on. Together we cannot fail.

PROTOCOLS :  Means, procedures to follow FOR ALL FIRST SEARGENTS, and by all platoons regardless of the standards they start at or follow. 

PRIORITIES : As a FIRST SEARGENT, you are required to follow the orders of your commanding officer, and the following can be considered standing basic orders for daily living in groups starting from what ever level your groups starts at.

   FOOD : Is the number one priority for command to ensure is supplied, immediately each day with combined raised funds. MAKING COST EFFECTIVE PURCHASES, and having a kitchen is key, which is why a motor home or a trailer with a truck is KEY, because it will have a kitchen and bathroom, which can be run all day, and feed an entire company. Otherwise YOUR JOB AS FIRST SEARGENT, is to find a way to rent a kitchen, to produce very cheap and healthy delicious foods with abundant vegetables and fruits, because feeding troops McDonalds is not acceptable. THEY DESERVE GOOD FOOD. IT IS THE JOB OF THE FIRST SEARGENT, TO DRIVE FORWARD PLANS, TO PROVIDE, GOOD FOOD, AND IF NEED BE, DO THE LABOR OF DELIVERING THAT FOOD AS CHIEF LOGISTICS OFFICER. However in cities, there may be laws against cooking on the street or otherwise without a permit or in a park, and every effort should be made to comply with local laws and law enforcement when it comes to use of city streets and parks.
   AT FIRST, it would be fine to allow solicitors to use raised funds to buy their daily food needs, and to simply turn over receipts for that food, as well as the rest of the raised funds to the platoon SEARGENT, who will then turn it all over to a FIRST SEARGENT. But the gains over time, is meant to purchase a kitchen of some kind to use to provide the abundant healthy fresh food stuffs at very cost effective prices, allowing food costs to be made low, ensuring funds can be invested elsewhere. (High standards MEANS no cold old food, it MUST BE MADE HOT, kept hot, and served hot, COVERED AT ALL TIMES, and all serving tools used, kept clean with paper towels and H2O2.

   CLEANLINESS : Sponge bathing must be made immediately mandatory, until such time as showers in rooms or motor homes/ trailers can be supplied for these purposes.  At first many individuals will need immediate help with basic needs like clothes and perhaps a tent, and some type of tent established to allow for the Sponge bathing in security, using bottled water if necessary, supplied by the logistics officer WHICH IS THE FIRST SEARGENT, which is you.  AS FIRST SEARGENT, YOU ARE LITERALLY THEIR BIG BROTHER, and immediately and often they will need your leadership to CLEAN THEM UP, PUSH THEM TO SPOUNGE BATH, and work to fund getting decent clothes which can be found cheap in many thrift stores, or bought new.  
  Any such common use areas, especially kitchens, must be kept clean to the highest standards and so H2O2 (Hydrogen Peroxide 3%) must be used in spray bottles to spray and disinfect all surfaces which are in question.  It should be used liberally, freely and often, as it kills all forms of germs, bacteria, viruses and all things bad which people can be concerned with contaminating common use areas.  AS SEARGENT, or FIRST SEARGENT, YOU WOULD BE INSTRUCTED TO NOT ONLY SUPPLY THESE SPRAY BOTTLES, BUT ALSO SUPPLY THE H2O2....  in abundance and ensure it's regular use, because germs are real. Your purchases of these items will be itemized by receipts along with everything else purchased for the development of these peoples desperate needs, and the growth of the church to be built.
  Individuals, who refuse to be clean, and be cleaned up, must be addressed and if they refuse to literally clean themselves, then they MUST BE REMOVED FROM THE PLATOON, and MUST STAY AT A DISTANCE, simply because their filthy state is a heath hazard to all the clean members.
  It is one thing to be mentally ill, thats ok, but being dirty is a choice, and it is a very smelly horrible choice to make which offends everyone, makes people sick, and is not a choice we can allow people to make as members who live in Gods houses.   They, the unwashed, unclean, refuse to shower types, will need special homes, which will be built by the EMPIRICAL ORDER once it is able to expand. 
   THE FIRST SEARGENT...  SETS THE PROTOCOLS..  ESTABLISHES DAILY PROCEDURES, ENSURE THE KITCHENS GET CLEANED, MAKES SURE EACH MEMBER CLEANS THEMSELVES, and watches the scheduling for all important things, such as meeting supplies of daily needed items, as well as maintenance of equipment purchased such as cleaning out the toilets in the motor homes, and keeping them stocked with water for the showers.  Logistical review, and running the spending for all platoons in a company IS THE FIRST SEARGENTS JOB.  Spending the 50%, as effectively as possible.

   SHOWERS : Showers are to be funded, rented, or supplied as essential. There are many services which can rent shower units as well as the known PORTO-POTTY, type systems, but a trailer or motor home is ideal which can be easily serviced. Such motor home showers and toilets are not meant for large scale use and will require regular service if used and connection points and places to fill up and pump out must be secured before such MOTORHOME units are purchased. In the event of having such a trailer or motor home, cleanliness in the shower is also essential, as germs are real, and each member should be supplied with a long brush, a spray bottle of H2o2, and materials for wiping clean, and washing away the filth of the person who showered before them. At the very least a good strong thick spray down with H2O2, after each shower on all surfaces, will ensure a sterile environment if you let the spray sit on the surfaces for 30 seconds or more before using. This being said, IT WOULD BE THE JOB OF THE FIRST SEARGENT, to ensure SAFETY, AND CLEANLINESS as a  priority in the use of communal showers and kitchens, they must be sterile, safe, clean, uncluttered and organized for daily use. With each new asset such as vehicles the platoons collect and use, THE FIRST SEARGENT must presume oversight of it, and ensure STANDARDS AND PROTOCOLS ARE FOLLOWED, taught, learned and enforced.
 Vehicles must have fluids checked each day, water tanks must be filled, and toilets must be emptied, and the engine must be repaired and otherwise keep running or replaced as need arises, and pre-planning must be used in dealing with what are going to be very real and repeating problems found when using machines, and over using it as equipment.  BEFORE YOU BUY A TRAILER WITH A TOILET AND SHOWER, BE SURE YOU KNOW WHERE, AND HOW TO GET THE WATER SUPPLY, AND DUMP OUT THE WASTE TANK, AND HAVE A VEHICLE TO PULL IT WHICH WORKS WELL. Do not buy the buggy before you get a horse to pull it.

   STORAGE :  Within the first few days of working with a platoon, THE FIRST SEARGENTS are instructed to promote the simple logic of funding a storage unit for each persons valuable personal items, The unit will be funded by the working spendable 50% of raised funds, and each persons material items, placed in acceptably strong packaging with clear labeling. In this way they can be free of the burden of carrying with them excess materials while technically traveling between homes.  As members their new home is on the rise, and it is simply smart too put all excess items of personal value into safe storage so that it can moved into that new home when built. This will allow for the more rapid and strategic housing of people into motorHomes and trailers without the excess baggage. 
 However, when confronted with a HORDER, who has a vast collection of trash, and or for example 50 empty buckets contained in 3 shopping carts they drag around, unless their horde is made up of actual valuable or useful things, A LIMIT, will have to be placed on what is acceptable to be placed in long term storage, as storing bags of trash would just be stupid.  The best judgement of all FIRST SEARGENTS WILL BE CONSIDERED ACCEPTABLE HERE, however should they allow for the storage of actual trash, then they themselves, and their judgement must be questioned. Buckets for example may have actual value and use, but bags of old junk and trash does not.

   SLEEPING : Standards of living is what matters, and for squads and platoons who can produce viable numbers they can easily be funded into Hotels and Motels as available, or groups may place their excess items into storage, and agree to sleep together in platoon units, allowing for personnel to stand guard, and take shifts, so that over any given day, all personnel members can be sure that while they sleep on the street someone watches over them and the others preventing molestation or wackos from attacking otherwise lone homeless people. Taking turns, and scheduling the taking of turns, members can very quickly begin purchasing motor homes and trailers. Ideally it may be most functional and will be easiest to begin with large passenger Vans, with trailer hookup's to pull as large a trailer as such Vans can handle. Starting with Vans is most cost effective, and each van can sleep three in worst case homeless situations. The vans can pull trailers, and they can all be switched around as needed, instead of investing a large sum into one large motor home. 
   It is here, that the extra 50% saved each day, can be used to fund the buying of such large assets as vehicles and trailers. Just as land, and other building church type assets can be funded from the main savings account of the non-spendable 50%. However once purchased, their day to day use, must be funded by the spendable 50% of the generated funds of each unit. And this saving and spending split, is set in stone until such time as the church location is built and all platoon members are either housed or have moved on. At which time the church location will no longer set aside 50% into saving for it's growth, but will gift directly 50% of it's yearly gains to the EMPIRICAL ORDER from which it sprung, to fund the growth, training and birth of other EMPIRICAL HOUSES OF GOD, all over the world, in service to other people in need.  50% goes to the ORDER, and 50% stays in the established branch location to be invested into it's day to day operations, improvement, and some day expansion where little churches become really big ones.

   TRANSPORT : Vans and large SUV vehicles are the best start. They should be equipped or equitable with trailer hitches to pull a large trailer, and the maximum weight of such a trailer must be known before any VAN or SUV is purchased. This a matter of simple research at the time, based on what is available and can be found.
 A van is a best first purchase if it is tied to a pre-planned purchase of a large enough trailer to include a toilet, shower and kitchen with it. As such the first van or SUV purchase can serve the transport needs of members to have easy access to viable toilets, and food sources during the first several weeks.
   After the first several weeks, and the daily use of a Vehicle a trailer can be added, which will switch the role of the VAN from bathroom and food logistics, to personnel transport for solicitation, and shopping to supply the kitchen, and making regular runs to whatever location can service the trailers toilets.
  Each company under a FIRST SEARGENT, can as platoon units vote on which way they wish to invest the funds, be it more vans and trailers, or motor homes, or to save as much as possible until making a building or dwelling purchase, but each version comes with more or less costs and benefits, and options with different rates of development, so the choice is up to those who do the work, with the understanding that all purchases become assets wholly owned by the EMPIRICAL CHURCH OF HUMANITY, and are designated for use by assigned EMPIRICAL ORDER personnel, namely the FIRST SEARGENT, who has the nerve to run a campaign in your city. (that means you.)
   HOWEVER, to save time, YOU, the FIRST SEARGENT, could attempt to recruit those homeless people who are presently living in cars and motor homes, offer them fast tracking into leadership positions, and a deal to buy their hunk of crap vehicle over time, if they will turn over it's daily use to the EMPIRICAL ORDER under your leadership locally as FIRST SEARGENT. (This would really speed things up, but also requires that people who sign up, are highly motivated, not barely motivated.)  

   LAND : As should be obvious, the goal is to purchase land on which a church will be built, which will include housing for no less than 12 platoon members as permanent employees of said branch location. This land being owned by the church and used solely for church purposes of church construction, church operations and housing of church disciple members would be tax exempt and only in need of permits to allow our Companies of platoons to move our vehicles and trailers as temporary housing systems for members who will be building said church. Since we will be building the church ourselves, and the members will be housed there, it becomes possible then to immediately house the many trailers on said property and begin the large scale effort of building the branch location.

   BUILDINGS : Ideally to allow for rapid development and operations to be established structures could be first set up as easily constructible steel framed buildings, which would make possible one day taking said steel framed building apart, and re-building it elsewhere as a transportable asset.  This would allow a local branch to set up with as few funds as possible, yet be large, have multiple sections, or buildings, and be rapidly dismantable in a year or two as funds make possible the building of a much more worthy long term structure of real beauty.
  At first, we are concerned with safety, function, and purpose and so the buildings and church campus can be rather industrial with open spaces and less cost per unit volume of usable space.  And then over time, improvement can be made to turn simple cheap buildings into large complex works of art glorifying God. 
  It is not what the church looks like, but how it is operated that matters, but once built as it's users grow and make use of it's spaces, their faith and commitment to it's value will fund the need to improve it's presentation, however never to the point of decadency, or expressing excess wealth or grandeur, for the all grandeur belongs to the lord god almighty.  Beauty, nature, the golden ratio combined with symmetrical ENGINEERING and function, should be the goal in design and construction. 
  Basically, when it comes to purchasing vehicles and land assets using the long term saved 50% funds, THE EMPIRICAL ORDER, and upper management will get involved as these assets will require oversight to ensure all proper steps are taken in making any such large scale purchase to prevent corruption, fraud and potential criminal schemes. Put another way, IF YOUR THINKING ABOUT WAYS TO ROB THE ORDER, do not bother.  You would only be robbing your own future.

   SHARING : As FIRST SEARGENT, you daily lead a campaign of sharing, because it is not that difficult to imagine or do, in fact if we just do some simple math, we see how combined even in small numbers, our shared combined gains even if they are small, are more cost effective than ever we could be as separate lonely people. IT IS THE SHARING, which which makes it cost effective and very intelligent to have people no matter their circumstances join and work together as teams, as family, helping each other, and acting as if they care on a daily basis.  This is not a new invention or concept, IT IS A PLAN OF ACTION, which  you as FIRST SEARGENT CAN CHOOSE TO FOLLOW..... OR NOT. 

   TRAINING : You, as FIRST SEARGENT, are daily training to run a company of as many as 10 platoons, you train by first starting a platoon, from which you seek to organically elect platoon SEARGENTS from large groups of homeless people who may or may not already be in groups. This is training for public speaking, for motivational speaking, for leadership training, because the most important thing new recruits have to be able to do, IS BELIEVE YOU, when you say you are not a thief, which is why you work with MOSHEH, and use fully affiliated plans, follow accounting procedures, and put all the money into bank accounts you yourself as FIRST SEARGENT, do not control but only have use of, and access too use it by way of simple Bank DEBIT Cards, so all spending is tracked, and accounted for, because we are legit and account for every penny, and so for these reasons recruits can trust you, NOT TO ROB THEM, or rob the organization. 
   Along the way of doing this, you would learn how to form an organization, run and account for one, handle permits, licenses, do book keeping, pay roll, pay taxes, and just about everything, day after day, and develop an on the street working knowledge of all aspects of every position of leadership in this ranked system, the depth and scope to which you can go and rise is entirely up to you, as an individual, but it is the view of the AVATAR GENERAL, that anyone who has what it takes to be a FIRST SEARGENT, and lead troops in the field, has all they need to train to become a full General and lead armies across this vast world, and will insist on pressuring them to train to whatever degree is deemed required.


1) Recruit one platoon, and develop it into up to 10 platoons with up to 32 members per platoon.

2) Train them each directly in aggressive but very nice solicitation using  pamphlets.

3) Produce copies of the daily Pamphlets and distribute them to elected PLATOON SEARGENTS.

4) Meet daily with each platoon SEARGENT, and collect funds and records, and train SEARGENTS to keep their own records, to also instruct platoon members to each keep a daily record. And enforce this behavior daily. Checks and balances.

5) Weekly meet with each member of entire platoons, and re-enforce the purpose, meaning and accounting numbers of our progress. (Check all members daily/ weekly logs)

6) Daily run logistics for each platoon with whatever first vehicle can be acquired, and work towards recruiting people with cars, and or buying vehicles for platoons to use in daily transport of personnel and shopping and logistical supply of bulk purchased items of great value to all members in daily life, namely paper towels, water, food, clothes etc. 
   SEARGENTS should ideally have a drivers license which can make their leadership role for logistics more efficient. However what matters is honest accounting, and hard work and promoting a strong work ethic daily as part of mission parameters.

7) This process of a complicated logistics nightmare will continue for weeks, and more and more control authority must be switched to the SEARGENTS, who may be placed on cash allowance daily plans to fund daily purchases for platoons of what maybe up to 32 men and women, with each penny needing to be accounted for by receipts, until such a time as another bank account can be opened FOR EACH PLATOON to help manage cash flow with Debit cards.  The truth is the organization is nothing without TRUST, and with proper accounting practices and diligence to follow them it becomes difficult to be corrupt, and all members can have faith. 

8) As FIRST SEARGENT, you will buy assets for your platoons such as starter VANS, for SEARGENTS to use to move troops around and run logistics of food, water and needed goods on a daily basis. As well as trailers, to be used as toilets, kitchens, showers and sleeping quarters, starting with leadership personnel, followed by all platoon members. One trailer at a time. (LEUTINENT training)

9) FIRST SEARGENT, then becomes a desk job using one of the trailers, running the accounting to check the spending of each platoon, track all pennies with receipts and prepare daily summaries, and weekly reports to deliver to your commanding officer. (CAPTAIN training)

10) FIRST SEARGENT, desk job also then includes all basic planning for the planning of the spending of soon to be acquired funds. (This is where platoon vote results will guide the general direction, but it will be the FIRST SEARGENT who is in charge of spending the funds wisely, and not making massive and stupid mistakes. Which means planning to buy assets as vehicles and property, and start businesses requires planning for permits, licenses, and ensuring actual legitimacy of deals before large sums of money is handed over to buy expensive things. (MAJOR training.)

11) FIRST SEARGENT then not only oversees the investment planning for the 10 platoons he has recruited, but he manages the accounting for all platoons and double checks their numbers daily. He works with Seargents to ensure logistical needs are met for each platoon, and moves people around from platoon to platoon squad to squad as needed and as seems proper based on how each member voted on direction issues. Allowing those with common ideals of direction to unify, instead of having strife within units due to wanting different plans. He works to bring harmony to troop operations, deals with trouble makers and sets about tasking entire companies to adhere too and reinforce STANDARDS AND PROTOCOLS. He begins working with other FIRST SEARGENTS running other companies in other cities, and offer shared advice, trade personnel, and otherwise begin the global network as the foundation for a global brotherhood. (COLONEL training)

12) FIRST SEARGENT, will study each trooper, form a special notebook case file for that trooper, and other wise meet with and work with each trooper on individual plans of self improvement, as prescribed by procedures put forth by the AVATAR GENERAL, and lead all troopers in a 6 day a week plan, which means we all work as hard as we are able 5 days a week, on the 6th day we are ordered to work on self improvement, which means learning, skill development or training in some way, somehow, about something, the content of which is up to the individual as long as the choice is not evil. In other words, the FIRST SEARGENT, must lead each trooper in self improvement, and literally act as a motivational speaker not just to each member, but directly to entire squads, and make motivational speeches to EXPLAIN EVERYTHING, and most importantly, be willing to sit and answer endless dumb questions from troopers who seek and need clarity.  It is your job to sell the campaign, to train all the troops, to motivate them and inspire them to drive forward and conquer the obstacles before us, and that requires clear, honest words of explanation, and motivation. (GENERAL training)




SHORT TERM GOALS : Serious detail options are voted on by platoon and companies, except for a few things set in stone.

1) FIRST ISSUE TO BE VOTED ON : How are the 50% daily funds to be spent?
      a) On hotel rooms, based on 4 unit squads.(only if numbers make it possible)
      b) To be invested into vans and trailers immediately.
      c) To be invested into large motor homes, one at a time.

2) SECOND ISSUE TO BE VOTED ON : How to invest long term gains?
     a) Immediately as more vans and trailers as sleeping quarters.
     b) Invested as possible rent in a warehouse or something to convert by zoning permits into a temporary housing center. (requires permits)
     c) Invested mostly into quickly buying a large lot of land, to quickly put whatever trailers we can get cheap as temporary housing for members who will build our church. (Also requires some permits while building.)

3) THIRD ISSUE TO BE VOTED ON : ONCE A base of operations is had, such as organizing space on some land, or the use of a warehouse, is what percentage of the available  spendable 50% of funds should be invested into other labor efforts, such as sales, labor, and services to the local community?   This would be a vote for a simple number, for what percentage% of the spendable 50% would be funds that can immediately or monthly applied to start, run, and maintain other forms of business labor for members to pursue. This number can be adjusted if waste is found, or if investments prove stupid or unviable. For example 10% of the 50%, could be applied towards investment into wholesale items, which can be used in door to door sales, or equipment purchased to run various labor based work efforts such as painting, day labor, window washing or just about anything members can think of and actually do.

4) FOURTH ISSUE TO BE VOTED ON : What architectural style of church shall we build, for which a design contest should be put forth allowing for all ideas to be presented for the long term construction of any given community church location.    Under general guidelines, the basic minimum being one large main structure as a church meeting hall, a separate large library, a large lab room, a large work shop, a large storage space, an outdoor staging area for multiple uses, and a housing structure system for church personnel and space for twelve more.
  However, the use of cargo containers must be implemented in all designs for large scale housing systems to go along with any Church location, as will be discussed. It would also be acceptable to build very large but simple steel frame buildings such as airplane hangers and so forth as temporary start up structures to be replaced by more permanent structures over time. It would also be reasonable to purchase any existing large building and use it as a foundation for a Church.


  1) Whether to pay members more than minimum wage.(Never!!!)
  2) Whether to allow church leaders to have a private housing and private car and private food allowances. (Never!!!)
  3) Whether to turn an affiliated church, into an unaffiliated church.(Never!!!)
  4) Whether to leave the EMPIRICAL ORDER. (Never!!!)

 Any leader who seeks to pay themselves more, or give themselves a private housing allowance, or leave the affiliated CHURCH, should be reported to EMPIRICAL ORDER leadership, and removed from command positions immediately, period.




TASKING EACH GOAL: Organically cultivating leadership.
   MISSION TASKING :  RUN THE TASK...  do the work.
   1) You, as FIRST SEARGENT, are meant to recruit and train members to become platoon SEARGENTS. Each SEARGENT, runs a platoon and assigns tasks for each member each day, is meant to be fair, and divide up labors as equally and evenly as possible.
   2) Fact is, you cannot force anyone to be a leader, they either are, and easily willing to do and try, or they are not. Some of course are not due to a health condition, and every effort should be made to identify those who are weak due to diet, illness or something treatable. WHICH MEANS TAKING THEM TO THE HOSPITAL AS NEEDED.
   3) Each day each group would have goals to achieve in order to meet it's basic needs, these must be calculated, accounted for and organized as purchases by the SEARGENTS and or FIRST SEARGENTS.
   4) In order to make tasking of different jobs possible, it may be necessary to move people around to different platoons as possible, as it serves no purpose to have one platoon made of strong workers, and one platoon made of cripples in wheel chairs.  The best plan is to provide a functioning mix, of the strong, the medium, the weak, and PRIVATES.
   5) As FIRST SEARGENT, your job is to do all jobs, and daily train and reinforce training of all aspects of command and control to SEARGENTS, and would be SEARGENTS. YOU, cannot ask people to do a job you are not willing to do on any given day, right at their side, and you should do so, just for the reason of doing so, to prove that point on a regular basis, because solicitation is hard, door to door sales is hard, overcoming personal problems is hard.  



EXPANSION AND DEVELOPMENT : Long term step by step.

   1) As discussed, each platoon raises a fund, 50% of which is and can be used to fund their daily lives with food, and supplies, and general needs, which can if possible include hotel/motel housing, if cost effective. The other 50% of raised funds goes into a secured account, which can only be spent on buying long term assets, such as vehicles, trailers, motor homes, land, buildings etc. The 50% which is gifted from each platoon to the EMPIRICAL ORDER, via the EMPIRICAL CHURCH OF HUMANITY is used to run expansion programs.
      a) ESTABLISHMENT OF A NEW CHURCH. (Your platoon churches)
      B) EXPANSION (BUILDING) OF MEGA CHURCH COMMUNAL HOUSING CENTERS. (Near your city and housing all those not fit for churches.)
      C) EXPANSION, BY BUILDING MORE CHURCHES. (After your church is built)

   2) It is likely that many personnel recruited and committed to building churches, will find the life of running a church less exciting as working directly for the EMPIRICAL ORDER which builds massive communes, and every business imaginable to help, train and employ people, and otherwise, works to build more churches to help more people, and as a form of service would be more adventurous than staying and running one local religious center we call Churches or Mosques or Temples etc.

   3) It is for this reason, to fund the building of THE EMPIRICAL ORDER, that churches once built, would work to fund the large scale operations by gifting 50% of their yearly receipts to the EMPIRICAL ORDER, BECAUSE, each church branch would know, that they have the financial support, management support, material support and logistical support, to keep their church operational in the long term, and over time is the means that homeless people in need are able to move on out of the local branch church, and into the communal housing systems to enable their abundant needs of training, employment, and care because asking each local church to constantly care for people in need would be a burden on operations. It being clear that any local community Church, would by design be meant to be limited in size, to fit in the community itself, and placing more than 12 permanent workers in one Church would be enough, especially since those 12, were homeless people FROM THAT NEIGHBORHOOD, OR GENERAL AREA in the first place.

   4) The 50% which remains over time, is used to expand each church, and improve it over time, and any excess funds should be gifted to the EMPIRICAL ORDER to ensure it is not wasted or lost by the temptations of corruption.
   In order to ensure this continued gain, the back of each church will be operated as a multi-business venture, hiring only homeless people, and working with them to re-train, clean them up, and get them motivated to return to normal working society, or, if they choose they can join the EMPIRICAL ORDER, and do just about anything.  These business ventures would be small obviously, but could be highly varied but generally labor based.  
   It being understood the the church itself, in it's service to the community should be a profitable venture, offering religious, educational, library and project services, all of which can provide great potential to help us help more people, house more, and feed more all over the nation and world.



A COOPERATIVE GLOBAL UNION: A global network of the Godly.

   Each affiliated branch Church, Mosque, or Temple location, would be part of a global network, which can allow branch church members to communicate freely over our private web site forum, for the sharing of ideas, skills, knowledge, and even material goods and funds as needed and as possible.  For when one church gets a hold of 100 chairs...  but only needs 20, they can gift them to churches which have no chairs.
   The network is important because it is the means by which all communication can be easily and officially rendered and recorded, and even the smallest and most timid member, can have access to the ear, or eyes, of all command personnel. In other words, people in command, cannot hide, they cannot avoid answering their phones, and they cannot pretend that members have not attempted to contact them, because the contacts would be very clear, and serviced by one online private forum for that purpose. Openness, and transparency is a must, because leaders who cannot justify and defend their actions, choices and spending habits, should be, and must be identified.
  A means of constant open communication is a must for any organization to thrive, and such can occur here ---   It is crude and simple, but will work just fine until improved.
  Members must contact the AVATAR GENERAL, Mosheh Eesho Muhammad, for access to the church forum.  It's use being potentially mandatory for all FIRST SEARGENTS to deliver daily / weekly reports by publicly uploading them as cut and paste documents to the forum as designated. 



LEADERSHIP:  Training and potential.

   As mentioned over and over, the EMPIRICAL ORDER, IS A TRAINING AND INDUSTRIOUS RELIGIOUS ORGANIZATION dedicated to endless forms of work, labors and skill development to make possible more industrious and ambitious things over time.

  The fundamentals of this training are two fold.
   1) There is basic training, in the sciences, in religion, in all manner of things technical and which is useful practical knowledge, such as if the church owned a forklift, all members would be trained to use it, and must practice with it, to remain certified over time.  A job skill worth having.
   2) There is PERSONEL SELF BRAINWASHING, which would be a scary thing, except the individual themselves must choose how and what they wish to wash, and change and clean up, and how they wish to develop themselves as a person over time, by doing training, mental exercises, faith building exercises, and large scale re-education of themselves over time, each week, on the 6th day.  Five days a week, people work hard to build and grow and fund the organization, on the sixth day, they must work on self improvement, like playing an instrument, art, improving basic skills, learning new skills, studying the general sciences and working on challenging engineering projects with lots of math.  What members do on their 6th day each week, is up to them, but they must do something.  And on the seventh day, everyone is asked to rest, really rest, get extra extra sleep, so they can be well rested and ready to take on the next week, instead of tired and un-refreshed.
 The basics of these SELF-brainwashing programs is discussed here --    

   It is not enough that we just help people to survive, we must help them to live, and live good valuable meaningful lives, with goals, purpose, family, love and lots of nice memories, for their lives belong to God, and God does not want any of his children to suffer or fight, or hurt each other.  



GAINS AND BENEFITS : Leadership has minor rewards.

 Basically, leaders of what ever rank they may achieve in this organization, can never make more than what is considered a standard minimum wage in that nation, and 50% of the wage, salaried at 40 hours a week, must be donated back to the Church as a gift of love, which then serves to offset the costs of their housing, food, and other material costs, which they get freely from the Church.  In some ways morons would think this is a bad thing, but in reality, by living in the church one would have no bills, and as such could walk away clear with about 800 dollars a month in the USA, for example, which if they did not spend it would allow them to save over 8000 dollars a year, which is something most working people find impossible to do.
  The size of housing provided to each ranking member is however sized in proportion to rank, as rising in rank means training, passing tests, earning the peoples trust, and being promoted by proving oneself and their commitment to run operations and care for all the members as family. The largest housing size being allotted to the Avatar General or otherwise Commander General which is limited to no more than seven 40 foot, tall cube, steel cargo containers. Generals get six, Colonels getting five, Majors get four, Captains get three, lieutenant and FIRST SEARGENTS get two, and SEARGENTS and all PRIVATES get one 40 footer or two 20 footers. (If they honestly try to work hard, otherwise PRIVATES can be limited to one 20 footer if they lack commitment.)  It being understood, that the use of cargo containers is not only convenient but cost effective, and each unit is highly customizable and transportable. This limit for housing size is absolute, and while cargo containers may not be used, the equivalent sizes discussed must be used as limits to prevent corruption by leadership. 
  So you will never make more money by rising in rank and taking on more work and responsibility, but your housing size increases in gratitude for your commitment and efforts. And since this housing is small, limited and modest, the IRS (national government) cannot claim abuse as excess benefits, and attempt to tax what small salaries our leaders receive.
  Any leader, over time, who would attempt to increase this housing limit, should be considered a greedy piece of shit, and should be demoted.  Especially since, if people marry, or choose to live together, they can join their unit spaces together and enjoy larger housing in that way, but that is the only way. 



You really have only one question to ask yourself, DO YOU WANT THE JOB?    If the answer is yes, then pick up the phone,  or use the CONTACT US form.      You can also DONATE if you are able.